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How to Format a Copy for Excel Worksheet Columns and Rows

Formatting allows viewers to distinguish values by type and even sections. Applying the right formatting is critical to readability, and most users learn how to format cells and regions early on. After learning the basics, users quickly move on to using Format Painter to copy existing formats to other cells . . . Read more

Save $25 on Microsoft 365 1-Year Personal or Family Subscriptions

TL;DR: Get Microsoft 365 for cross-device access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, with 1TB of OneDrive storage and more — $44.99 for one user (save 35%) or $74.99 for six users (save 25%) for one year. Anyone who’s ever been in the white-collar workforce will likely tell you the . . . Read more

Androxgh0st Malware Botnet Steals AWS, Microsoft Credentials and More

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency warned in a joint advisory about a threat actor deploying a botnet that makes use of the Androxgh0st malware. This malware is capable of collecting cloud credentials, such as those from AWS or Microsoft Azure and more, abusing the . . . Read more

How to Convert an Image Into Editable Text Using Microsoft Word and Adobe

If you receive a picture of data, don’t panic: You don’t have to enter it by hand. Microsoft Word can convert the image into text for you. If you’re putting together a Microsoft Office document and receive textual content in the form of an image file, you might panic, especially . . . Read more

How to Hide and Handle Zero Values in an Excel Chart

Editor’s note: In the video, Brandon Vigliarolo walks you through a couple of ways for suppressing 0 values in Excel charts. For this demo, he uses Microsoft Office 365. The steps are similar to what Susan Harkins describes in the following tutorial. A drop to zero in a chart can . . . Read more

Microsoft 365 Copilot Release Date Set for November

The AI assistant will launch across Microsoft products, from 365 to Windows, and includes a prompt writing tool. Image: AdriaVidal/Adobe Stock Microsoft 365 Copilot will be available for business and enterprise users globally on November 1, Microsoft announced yesterday. The AI assistant can draw information from across Bing, Edge, Microsoft . . . Read more

How to Use Section Breaks to Control Formatting in Word

Users can’t work efficiently in a long document without using styles and section breaks, and the average user hates both features. These features aren’t necessarily broken or buggy, but I do think they should be easier to use. In regards to section breaks, users don’t always understand how they control . . . Read more

Abnormal Security: Microsoft Tops List of Most-Impersonated Brands in Phishing Exploits

Image: Timon/Adobe Stock A significant portion of social engineering attacks, such as phishing, involve cloaking a metaphorical wolf in sheep’s clothing. According to a new study by Abnormal Security, which looked at brand impersonation and credential phishing trends in the first half of 2023, Microsoft was the brand most abused . . . Read more

Microsoft Introduces Python in Excel

Some members of the Microsoft 365 Insiders program can now try out the combination of Python’s data analysis and visualization libraries, Excel’s features and the Anaconda Python repository. Image: wachiwit/Adobe Stock Python in Excel is now available on a rolling basis for Microsoft 365 Insiders program beta channel members, the . . . Read more

Five methods to insert a checkmark into Microsoft Office products

Symbols and icons are everywhere, from menus to legal documents — they’re even in ordinary documents now. Fortunately, they’re easy to insert, format and otherwise manipulate in Microsoft Office documents. In this tutorial, I’ll illustrate how easy it is to add these visual tools to a document by adding checkmarks . . . Read more