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OpenAI Secrets Stolen in 2023 After Internal Forum Was Hacked

The online forum OpenAI employees use for confidential internal communications was breached last year, anonymous sources have told The New York Times. Hackers lifted details about the design of the company’s AI technologies from forum posts, but they did not infiltrate the systems where OpenAI actually houses and builds its . . . Read more

Millions of Apple Applications Were Vulnerable to CocoaPods Supply Chain Attack

Many macOS and iOS applications were open to a vulnerability in CocoaPods, an open-source dependency manager, E.V.A. Information Security revealed on July 1. The vulnerability has been patched since EVA first discovered it, and no attacks have occurred that are conclusively related to it. However, the case is interesting because . . . Read more

Apple Operating Systems are Being Targeted by Threat Actors, Plus 4 More Vulnerability Trends

The number of macOS vulnerabilities exploited in 2023 increased by more than 30%, according to a new report. The Software Vulnerability Ratings Report 2024 from patch management software company Action1 also found that Microsoft Office programs are becoming more exploitable, while attackers are targeting load balancers like NGINX and Citrix . . . Read more

macOS 15 Sequoia Cheat Sheet: Release Date, Name, Features and More

The latest operating system for Mac PCs is macOS 15 Sequoia, unveiled by Apple at its 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference. This cheat sheet explores important new capabilities as well as requirements for the new operating system. Sequoia has neat quality-of-life changes for work, such as the way dragging a window . . . Read more

WWDC: Apple Intelligence Brings Generative AI to Mail, Messaging and More

Apple is bringing generative AI to Siri and throughout iOS 18, iPad OS 18 and macOS Sequoia, the company announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. As was rumored, Apple partnered with OpenAI to link ChatGPT to iOS, iPadOS and macOS. However, Apple Intelligence will be an . . . Read more

Apple WWDC Keynote: Apple’s Next iOS, iPad OS and macOS Sequoia Coming In Fall

Along with finally revealing its move in the AI product wars, Apple showed its next operating systems at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10: iOS 18. iPad OS 18. macOS Sequoia. VisionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro. iOS 18, iPad OS 18 and macOS Sequoia full releases are coming . . . Read more

OpenAI Spring Update: Next Flagship Model Is the ‘Natively Multimodal’ GPT-4o

OpenAI’s Spring Update on May 13 brought three major announcements from the AI company: A new flagship AI model called GPT-4o. A desktop ChatGPT app for macOS. ChatGPT users who don’t pay for a subscription can now access more features for free. The coming changes to ChatGPT “brings GPT-4 level . . . Read more

How to Change Mac Permissions via the Mac Terminal

When working with networked Macs or managed Mac systems in a business, it can be commonplace for administrators to view and change file and folder permissions. Of course, this can easily be accomplished using the Finder’s Get Info window, but sometimes you need to perform this action on multiple files . . . Read more

How to Customize and Maintain Apple IDs on Multiple Devices

When you use an Apple ID on multiple iOS, macOS, watchOS or tvOS devices and settings aren’t configured properly, you can run into issues with users syncing business data to their personal accounts, or vice versa. You might also run into issues where data between iOS and macOS devices aren’t . . . Read more