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How to Compare the Contents of Local & Remote Files With the Help of SSH

This is a step-by-step guide on how to compare the contents of local and remote files with the help of SSH. Watch the companion video tutorial by Jack Wallen. [embedded content] Have you ever needed to compare the contents of a local and remote file without having to copy the . . . Read more

Intel Innovation 2023: Attestation and Fully Homomorphic Encryption Coming to Intel Cloud Services

The attestation service is designed to allow data in confidential computing environments to interact with AI safely, as well as provide policy enforcements and audits. Image: JHVEPhoto/Adobe Stock The second day of announcements at Intel’s Innovation event in San Jose, California focused on privacy and security, including confidential AI. Major . . . Read more

Learn the CompTIA Standards with 13 Courses for $39.97 During Back-to-School Sale

Learn about IT best practices and prove your competence to clients. Image: StackCommerce Building a successful business in IT is all about proving your competence. Potential clients are only going to sign a contract if they trust in your expertise and professionalism. The best way to prove your knowledge is . . . Read more

5 Best CentOS Replacement Options for 2023

CentOS Linux 7, the popular free and open-source Linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has set its end of life for June 2024. The enterprise operating system, loved by scientists, businesses and developers for its reliability, stability and security, has been a leading technology for web hosting, cloud . . . Read more

Become an IT Expert with 180 Hours of Training for $19.97 During Back to School Sale

If you’re planning to build a business in IT, this bundle provides the ideal launchpad — and it’s only $19.97 from July 28th through August 13th. Image: StackCommerce Building a tech business is definitely possible without a technical background. But in the current climate, investors are much more likely to . . . Read more

Learn How to Protect Your Business With Ultimate Security for $80

Protect your company by learning maximum security practices in this bundle, while it’s available at the best-on-web price of only $79.99. Image: StackCommerce While cyberattacks can create serious long-term challenges for individuals, they can literally bring down your business in a number of ways. According to Forbes, “…every company is . . . Read more

Get a Lifetime of Powerful VPN Protection for Your Business Data for Just $70

There’s no reason to take chances of your business suffering a data breach when a lifetime of powerful protection is so affordable. Image: StackCommerce It’s one thing to be diligent about keeping your personal information protected while browsing online, but it’s quite another to protect the sensitive data your business . . . Read more