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13 Metasploit Meterpreter File System Command You Should Know

1. cat The cat command displays the contents of a single file. As of the time of this writing, the command will throw an error when trying to read an emtpy file. meterpreter > cat passwords.txt harleydavidson password kidsbirthday   2. cd To change directory the cd command is used. The command will accept both back and forward slashes somewhat . . . Read more

Google Hacking Tutorial + SQL Injection (Basic)

Purpose : As a website owner you can also aware with this kind of attack to your web server Why I wrote this tutorial about Google Hacking is because there are some people keep messaging me about how to perform Google Hacking… A lot of people that learn about hacking they just think that hacking was going through a webserver or . . . Read more

Hacking HTTP Basic Authentication Dictionary Attacks with Burp Suite Free

While writing this tutorial, I have no relations with portswigger.net, I write this tutorial on my behalf. Explanation about HTTP basic authentication. HTTP supports several authentication mechanisms. Upon a request for resource within a protected space the server should respond with authentication challenge using WWW-Authenticate header. In order to receive authorization the client should send requested identification . . . Read more

Remote Administration Tool Zeus BotNet (RAT)

Requirements: 1. Remote Administration Tool(RAT) Zeus BotNet (Download) 2. Web Server + Database Server (in this example we use XAMPP) Remote Administration Tool(RAT) Zeus BotNet: 1. Firstly, we need to install the web server and database server. Since we’re using XAMPP for this tutorial, you can refer to previous step by . . . Read more

How to Spy on Your Neighbors With a USB TV Tuner

A TV-tuning USB dongle and free software let you hear the radio signals emitted by computer screens, TVs, smartphones — even keyboards. The Vantech Terratec Realtek RTL-SDR radio USB kit, as seen on Amazon.com“Every device that you own is screaming its name into the infinite void,” said security researcher Melissa . . . Read more

How To Install VMware Tools In Kali Linux

Step One: Start Kali Linux up via the VMware software Step Two: Login to the root account (you need root privileges to install vmware tools) Step Three: Run the command, apt-get update to make sure Kali Linux is up-to-date After checking its databases, Kali will ask you if you want to install . . . Read more

Wifi Hacking – Cracking WPA2 Password

1. Open our terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type airmon-ng (view tips and tricks how to create keyboard shortcut on kali linux) this command will lists our wireless card that attached with our system. 2. The next step we need to stop our wireless monitor mode by running airmon-ng stop wlan0 3. . . . Read more