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XZ Utils Supply Chain Attack: A Threat Actor Spent Two Years to Implement a Linux Backdoor

A threat actor quietly spent the last two years integrating themself in the core team of maintainers of XZ Utils, a free software command-line data compressor widely used in Linux systems. The attacker slowly managed to integrate a backdoor in the software that was designed to interfere with SSHD and . . . Read more

Learn how IoT can power your business with this $70 developer bundle

This training covers Raspberry Pi, Arduino and much more. Image: StackCommerce TL;DR: For a limited time, you can pick up 9 courses on Raspberry Pi and Arduino development for $69.99 via TechRepublic Academy. From smart speakers to self-driving cars, we use connected devices every day. However, the technology is still . . . Read more

How to scan a website with metasploit

What is WMAP? WMAP is a feature-rich web application vulnerability scanner that was originally created from a tool named SQLMap. This tool is integrated with Metasploit and allows us to conduct web application scanning from within the Metasploit Framework. Vulnerability Scanning with WMAP We begin by first creating a new . . . Read more

How to reset a synology via command line

You are using a Synology NAS like the Disk Station series and something happens so you aren’t able to make a hardreset via the physical button you can also do this reset via SSH. echo 1 >/dev/ttyS1 Clarification: „1“ = Power Off, „0“ = Button power, „C“ = Reset Voila . . . Read more

Basics of Shell Scripting

A Unix shell is a command-line interpreter or shell that provides a traditional user interface for the Unix operating system and for Unix-like systems. Users direct the operation of the computer by entering commands as text for a command line interpreter to execute or by creating text scripts of one . . . Read more

How to Recover Data from Corrupt / formatted USB Flash

How to Recover Data from Corrupt / formatted USB Flash If you accidentally deleted your data or you formatted your USB flash or your friend running Virus full Windows corrupted it then, PhotoRec is an awesome tool for you to choose for Data Recovery. TestDisk can Fix partition table, recover deleted . . . Read more

What’s new in Kali 2.0

I’m sure a lot of you have been waiting for the launch of Kali 2.0. I’ve started looking into competitive programming, and hence now have a bit less time for this blog. That being said, I took a few screenshots for you guys to see what Kali 2.0 has to . . . Read more

PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Cellphone

Things You’ll Need: Raspberry Pi computer, the Model B or Model B+ is probably easier to set up and get going, but of you are comfortable with the Model A, then that will work fine. You don’t need any USB ports, and once set up, you don’t need the Model B‘s ethernet port. The Model A save you on . . . Read more