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How Do Password Managers Work and Why Do You Need One?

For organizations with multiple online accounts, tightening company security should be a top priority to prevent data breaches or theft. The first step to avoiding a data breach is creating unique passwords for your accounts. But suppose you’re like many people who resort to reusing their old passwords to create . . . Read more

Best Mac Password Managers for 2023

Apple’s macOS and iOS include a built-in password management system called Keychain Access, which is supplemented by iCloud and allows for syncing the Keychain between multiple devices. This is a great and simple security solution for many users, but some users require more features in their password manager than iCloud . . . Read more

Keeper vs LastPass (2023): Which Password Manager is Better for Your Business?

Gone are the days of having to memorize passwords or write them on sticky notes. With the emergence of password managers, users can now conveniently organize and store all their passwords in one secure place. Keeper and LastPass are two popular password managers that act as encrypted vaults for all . . . Read more

8 Best Enterprise Password Managers for 2023

The number of online accounts and passwords organizations have to deal with has surged in recent years. This has not only increased the burden of password management but also resulted in some password security issues. A single incident of compromised log-in credentials in one account can put an entire organization . . . Read more