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Kaspersky’s Advanced Persistent Threats Predictions for 2024

Kaspersky’s new report provides the company’s view on the advanced persistent threats landscape for 2024. Existing APT techniques will keep being used, and new ones will likely emerge, such as the increase in AI usage, hacktivism and targeting of smart home tech. New botnets and rootkits will also likely appear, . . . Read more

10 best antivirus software for businesses in 2023

It’s nearly impossible to have a business in the modern age without having some sort of digital presence. What follows naturally from such a presence are countless cybersecurity risks, which in turn necessitate software to protect your systems. The importance of having quality antivirus software to protect your business from . . . Read more

Sunburst’s C2 Secrets Reveal Second-Stage SolarWinds Victims

Examining the backdoor’s DNS communications led researchers to find a government agency and a big U.S. telco that were flagged for further exploitation in the spy campaign. More information has come to light about the Sunburst backdoor that could help defenders get a better handle on the scope of the . . . Read more

‘Free’ Cyberpunk 2077 Downloads Lead to Data Harvesting

The hotly anticipated game — featuring a digital Keanu Reeves as a major character — is being used as a lure for cyberattacks. The hotly anticipated videogame title Cyberpunk 2077 comes out on Dec. 10, inspiring breathless countdowns from gaming publications and enthusiasts across the globe. As with all things . . . Read more

DeathStalker APT Spices Things Up with PowerPepper Malware

A raft of obfuscation techniques turn the heat up for the hacking-for-hire operation. The DeathStalker advanced persistent threat (APT) group has a hot new weapon: A highly stealthy backdoor that researchers have dubbed PowerPepper, used to spy on targeted systems. DeathStalker offers mercenary, espionage-for-hire services targeting the financial and legal . . . Read more

Healthcare 2021: Cyberattacks to Center on COVID-19 Spying, Patient Data

The post-COVID-19 surge in the criticality level of medical infrastructure, coupled with across-the-board digitalization, will be big drivers for medical-sector cyberattacks next year. Sophisticated cybercriminals have been trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research – and researchers say there’s more of that to come going into 2021. Intellectual property theft will . . . Read more

Pandemic, A Driving Force in 2021 Financial Crime

Ransomware gangs with zero-days and more players overall will characterize financially motivated cyberattacks next year. Financial cybercrime in 2021 is set to evolve, researchers say, with extortion practices becoming more widespread, ransomware gangs consolidating and advanced exploits being used more effectively to target victims. That’s according to key predictions from . . . Read more

‘Minecraft Mods’ Attack More Than 1 Million Android Devices

Fake Minecraft Modpacks on Google Play deliver millions of abusive ads and make normal phone use impossible. Scammers are taking advantage of the Minecraft sandbox video game’s wild success by developing Google Play apps which appear to be Minecraft modpacks, but instead deliver abusive ads, according to researchers. Since July, . . . Read more

APT Groups Finding Success with Mix of Old and New Tools

The APT threat landscape is a mixed bag of tried-and-true tactics and cutting-edge techniques, largely supercharged by geo-politics, a report finds. Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups continue to use the fog of intense geopolitics to supercharge their campaigns, but beyond these themes, actors are developing individual signature tactics for success. . . . Read more

Wroba Mobile Banking Trojan Spreads to the U.S. via Texts

The Roaming Mantis group is targeting the States with a malware that can steal information, harvest financial data and send texts to self-propagate.