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JetBrains State of Developer Ecosystem 2023: React Reigns in JavaScript Realm

The survey reveals that React’s usage share of 58% is testament to its continued dominance. In the realm of JavaScript development, JetBrains’ State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 survey paints a vivid picture that sheds light on the language’s pervasive influence and the varied choices made by its practitioners. These findings . . . Read more

JavaScript Best Practices

JavaScript is a versatile and widely used programming language that powers dynamic web applications. As development projects become more complex, following best practices becomes essential to ensuring maintainability, scalability and code quality. In this article, we’ll explore a comprehensive set of best practices for JavaScript development, accompanied by code examples. . . . Read more

At Black Hat, Splunk, AWS, IBM Security and Others Launch Open Source Cybersecurity Framework

Image: Adobe Stock/Scanrail At a restaurant where the waiters, chefs and cooks speak the same language but use different words for what’s on the menu, you might order lobster bisque and wind up with steak frites. A similar Tower of Babel issue exists in cybersecurity, especially given increasing threats in . . . Read more