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JetBrains State of Developer Ecosystem 2023: A Closer Look at Learning Trends

The survey shows a surge of interest in learning new languages, which speaks volumes about the adaptability and curiosity of Java developers. In JetBrains’ State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 survey, the respondents’ high satisfaction with their current roles is a positive indicator of the thriving Java developer community. The survey . . . Read more

Top Big Data Tools for Java Developers in 2023

We cover some of the most popular big data tools for Java developers. Discover the best big data tools and what to look for. In the modern era of data-driven decision-making, the abundance of data generated every day has necessitated the development of robust tools for processing, analyzing and deriving . . . Read more

Top Database Tools for Java Developers in 2023

A look at some of the best database and RDBMS tools for Java software developers. Learn more about Java and database programming. Java developers often rely on specific database tools to efficiently manage data storage, retrieval and manipulation. In this tutorial, we explore some of the top database tools for . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (November 2023): Could Kotlin Be Headed for Java’s Top Spot?

The programming language Kotlin made waves because of its strong type system and other modern features. In this month’s TIOBE Programming Community Index, the top three programming languages are Python, C and C++. Python dropped slightly in popularity, losing 3.02%, according to the index’s ranking system. There wasn’t much movement . . . Read more

VMware Explore Barcelona 2023: Enhanced Private AI and Sovereign Cloud Services Announced

VMware’s Private AI platform will include interoperability with Intel, IBM’s watsonx and Kyndryl. Image: Adobe Stock/CrazyCloud Cloud computing company VMware rolled out new cloud, AI, edge and data services at VMware Explore Barcelona 2023 on November 7. The new private AI and sovereign cloud services reflect the increased adoption of . . . Read more

Serialization in Java Tutorial with Examples

Serialization is a fundamental concept in Java programming that allows objects to be converted into a format suitable for storage or transmission. It plays a crucial role in tasks such as persisting object state, sending objects over a network, or even for caching purposes. In this article, we will delve . . . Read more

Best Practices for Concurrency in Java

Concurrency in Java is the ability of multiple threads to execute in a coordinated manner within a program. While concurrency can lead to more efficient use of resources, it introduces complexities that must be carefully managed. This article will explore best practices for handling concurrency in Java, covering topics such . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (October 2023): Competition Between C# and Java Heats Up

C# is on track to take fourth place in the TIOBE Programming Community Index, but the rankings stick to the status quo in October. In this month’s TIOBE Programming Community Index, the top three programming languages are Python, C and C++. C++ rose slightly in popularity, gaining 0.76% according to . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (September 2023): Java Competitor Kotlin Returns to the Top 20

Kotlin competes with Java to be a top programming language for mobile applications on Android. The top 3 stay steady. Image: monsitj/Adobe Stock This month, the programming language Kotlin reached the top 20 on the TIOBE Programming Community Index for the second time. Kotlin was created in 2016 by software . . . Read more