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Fired Healthcare Exec Stalls Critical PPE Shipment for Months

A fired Stradis Healthcare employee sought revenge by tampering with shipping data for desperately needed healthcare PPE. The FBI has announced that Christopher Dobbins pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison for breaching and temporarily disabling the Stradis Healthcare shipping system using a secret account, after being . . . Read more

Ticketmaster Coughs Up $10 Million Fine After Hacking Rival Business

Several Ticketmaster executives conspired a hack against a rival concert presales firm, in attempt to ‘choke off’ its business. Ticketmaster must pay a hefty $10 million fine after several employees utilized unlawfully obtained passwords to hack a rival company’s computer systems – in attempts to “choke off” its business. The . . . Read more

Cybercriminals Batter Automakers With Ransomware, IP Theft Cyberattacks

While the industry focus is on vehicle hacking, when it comes to the automotive industry cybercriminals are opting for less complex and sophisticated attacks – from phishing to ransomware. Cybercriminals are recognizing that the data that automotive companies have to offer – from customer and employee personal identifiable information (PII) . . . Read more

Amazon Fires Employee Who Leaked Customer Names, Emails

Amazon notified customers and law enforcement of the insider-threat incident this week. Amazon has fired an employee who shared customers’ names and email addresses with a third party. An Amazon spokesperson told Threatpost that it has systems in place to limit and control access to information, and processes in place . . . Read more