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Apple’s Siri Cheat Sheet: How to Use Siri for Business

For many businesses, a big part of staying competitive means being able to utilize new technology to get more done in a shorter period of time. Voice-controlled assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, are innovations that can go a long way in helping companies do exactly this. Siri is a digital . . . Read more

OpenAI’s Sora Generates Photorealistic Videos

OpenAI released on Feb. 15 an impressive new text-to-video model called Sora that can create photorealistic or cartoony moving images from natural language text prompts. Sora isn’t available to the public yet; instead, OpenAI released Sora to red teamers — security researchers who mimic techniques used by threat actors — . . . Read more

CIOs: Consider 3 Best Practices When Using Emerging Technology to Achieve Business Results

It’s a great time to be a CIO. Business has never been so focused on using technology to drive growth. And technology has never been so accessible. The variety of technology options and faster delivery methods (thank you, cloud) have streamlined the process of identifying, buying and deploying technology and . . . Read more

4 Ways to Boost Digital Transformation Across the UK

Image: Adobe/The KonG The UK Tech Cluster Group, which brings together tech groups from across the country, has launched a report outlining the steps the next government should take to make sure businesses across the country are able to harness digital innovation. The report makes these four broad recommendations for . . . Read more

NIST Establishes AI Safety Consortium

Image: Adobe/Grandbrothers The National Institute of Standards and Technology established the AI Safety Institute on Feb. 7 to determine guidelines and standards for AI measurement and policy. U.S. AI companies and companies that do business in the U.S. will be affected by those guidelines and standards and may have the . . . Read more

IBM’s Matthew Candy Sees Evidence of Innovation in Australia’s 2024 Pursuit of Generative AI Scale

Australian organisations are keeping pace with global innovation in generative AI, according to IBM Consulting Global Head of Generative AI Matthew Candy. A local legislative focus on regulating high-risk use cases could also foster AI’s potential in the local market, he said. Candy recently visited Australia and the broader APAC . . . Read more

UK Government Puts £45 Million Toward Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the focus of a £45 million ($57 million) investment by the U.K. government announced on Feb. 5. The money goes toward finding practical uses for quantum computing and creating a “quantum-enabled economy” by 2033. Government investment goes to prototypes and business accelerator Of the total investment, £30 . . . Read more

Tech Trends for 2024: Generative AI Models Will Get Smaller, An iPhone’s Average Life Will Be 8 Years

Tech predictions for 2024 include a shift in generative AI from large language models towards smaller and open source models. In addition, AI will support and teach coders new skills; iPhone users will not be in a rush to buy a new model; and the rise of satellite-powered services will . . . Read more

NVIDIA Teams Up With Equinix to Bring Generative AI Training to Data Centers

Data center services company Equinix is collaborating with NVIDIA to provide private AI with NVIDIA DGX on a fully managed AI data center solution, both companies announced on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX is available Jan. 24 in the U.S. and Frankfurt, Germany. Equinix said it . . . Read more

UK Tech Trends & Predictions for 2024: AI Boosts Productivity, Hiring Increases, Fintech Matures, More 5G Rollouts

Harnessing AI to boost productivity will top the U.K.’s tech agenda in 2024, as the country’s IT industry and startups try to regain lost momentum, while tech job hunters will have to adapt to a changing market, according to predictions from industry experts. Here are tech predictions for the U.K. . . . Read more