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Samsung unveils ultra-wideband chipset

Exynos Connect U100 is a chipset for short-range, broad-frequency solutions that require pinpoint tracking. Image: Arcansél/Adobe Stock Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 is the company’s first chipset for ultra-wideband wireless solutions. This chipset, which was announced last week, includes hardware designed to offer extremely precise location and distance information within centimeters . . . Read more

Google opens Bard AI wait list

The ChatGPT rival will draw from Google’s vast library of information – but isn’t ready for business yet. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Google has opened up a wait list for Bard, its generative AI chatbot, the tech giant announced on Tuesday. Bard appears to be a direct competitor of ChatGPT . . . Read more

Adobe launches Firefly generative AI creative engine at Summit

Adobe launched a palette of products and innovations for Experience Cloud, Experience Manager and more at its event, but the key advance is generative AI, centered on Adobe Firefly, a new visual tool for creative teams. Image: Gene Silvers. Anil Chakravarthy, president, digital experience; David Wadhwani, president, digital media; Shantanu . . . Read more

First Dero cryptojacking campaign targets unprotected Kubernetes instances

Learn how this cryptocurrency campaign operates and its scope. Then, get tips on protecting vulnerable Kubernetes instances from this cybersecurity threat. Image: Pixabay The cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has observed the first-ever Dero cryptojacking campaign. The attack targets Kubernetes clusters that were accessible on the internet and allowed anonymous access to . . . Read more

Microsoft adds Copilot AI productivity bot to 365 suite

Copilot, a natural language bot that can pull from data across the Microsoft 365 suite, is now in testing with select commercial customers. Image credit: Microsoft Microsoft is bringing chat AI to its 365 suite with a new large language model-powered tool called Copilot, the company said today. Microsoft 365 . . . Read more

Humans are still better at creating phishing emails than AI — for now

AI-generated phishing emails, including ones created by ChatGPT, present a potential new threat for security professionals, says Hoxhunt. Image: Gstudio/Adobe Stock Amid all of the buzz around ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence apps, cybercriminals have already started using AI to generate phishing emails. For now, human cybercriminals are still more . . . Read more

OpenAI debuts GPT-4 after year of training on Azure supercomputer

The GPT-4 language model is now available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Developers can join an API waitlist.  Image: gguy/Adobe Stock For search engines and enterprise writing assistance, the top contender is OpenAI, which yesterday announced the latest model of its language model, GPT-4. GPT-4 is now available on ChatGPT Plus . . . Read more

GrammarlyGo uses AI to write your emails

A natural language AI writing assistant is the latest in Grammarly’s attempts to assist with professional writing. Image: 4zevar/Adobe Stock Generative artificial intelligence has been steadily moving into the mainstream. Media companies now need to keep an eye out for AI-generated submissions or AI-facilitated plagiarism. The latest public adopter of . . . Read more

Business leaders’ expectations for AI/ML applications are too high, say chief data officers

A new survey details the potential risks of data science teams not having the necessary skilled staff, funding and tech resources to deliver on AI/ML initiatives, as well as how leaders can close this gap. Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock Data and analytics leaders say they are unable to meet business leaders’ . . . Read more