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Kaspersky’s Advanced Persistent Threats Predictions for 2024

Kaspersky’s new report provides the company’s view on the advanced persistent threats landscape for 2024. Existing APT techniques will keep being used, and new ones will likely emerge, such as the increase in AI usage, hacktivism and targeting of smart home tech. New botnets and rootkits will also likely appear, . . . Read more

Check Point: Hackers Dropping Physical USB Drives at Watering Holes

Image: Timon/Adobe Stock In its 2023 Mid-Year Cyber Security Report, Check Point Software spotlighted numerous exploits so far this year, including novel uses of artificial intelligence and an old-school attack vector: USB drives. Cybercriminals and nation-state actors see these devices as the best way to infect air gapped, segmented and . . . Read more

Critical Insight Reports Fewer Cybersecurity Breaches in Health Care, Yet Victim Numbers Are Up in 2023

A new study by Critical Insight shows that cybersecurity attacks in the health care sector are hitting more individuals and finding vulnerabilities in third-party partners. Image: Momius/Adobe Stock In 2021, a World Economic Forum blog examined the COVID-era spike in health care sector cyber attacks, noting the over 10 million . . . Read more

Get Norton 360 Standard on 2 Devices Plus Identity Theft Protection for $24.99

This exclusive bundle includes online dark web monitoring and identity theft support, so don’t miss out on this discounted year-long subscription. Image: StackCommerce If you’re working in company information or handling customer data, security is paramount. With thousands of cyberattacks conducted each day, it’s a good idea to protect your . . . Read more

HackerOne: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Cyber Threats and Ethical Hacking

Image: NicoElNino/Adobe Stock HackerOne, a security platform and hacker community forum, hosted a roundtable on Thursday, July 27, about the way generative artificial intelligence will change the practice of cybersecurity. Hackers and industry experts discussed the role of generative AI in various aspects of cybersecurity, including novel attack surfaces and . . . Read more

Protect Your Data With the MonoDefense Security Suite for $149.99

Get VPN, Firewall and SmartDNS protection in one package! Combining five top-rated security apps, the MonoDefense Security Suite offers complete protection — and lifetime subscriptions are now 62% off. Image: StackCommerce Keeping any business secure is a considerable task. It usually involves investing in multiple different security tools and installing . . . Read more

Get three years of a powerful VPN plus 30 days of anti-virus protection for $30

UltraVPN offers up to 10 simultaneous secure connections with unlimited bandwidth, over 1,000 servers in more than 100 virtual global locations and cool extra features. Protect your most sensitive data with this UltraVPN Secure USA VPN Proxy for 3 Years Subscription plus Free Antivirus for 30 Days while it’s available . . . Read more

BBC, British Airways, Boots hit with hackers’ ultimatum after suffering MOVEit supply-chain attack

Image: SomYuZu/Adobe Stock British Airways, BBC and Boots have all been served an ultimatum after they were hit with a supply-chain attack by the ransomware group Clop. In a post made available on their dark web portal, the cybercrime group warned the affected organizations to get in touch by June . . . Read more

Ransomware attacks increased 91% in March, as threat actors find new vulnerabilities

Ransomware attacks skyrocketed last month according to the new monthly cybersecurity report by NCC Group. New threat group Cl0p is behind the increase as it exploited vulnerabilities in GoAnywhere file transfer manager. Image: zephyr_p/Adobe Stock Ransomware attacks have spiked, according to the NCC Group’s Global Threat Intelligence Team. In its . . . Read more

6 Questions Attackers Ask Before Choosing an Asset to Exploit

David “moose” Wolpoff at Randori explains how hackers pick their targets, and how understanding “hacker logic” can help prioritize defenses. In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a massive shift toward the cloud. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated pivot to remote work has only accelerated this cloud trend, forcing . . . Read more