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OpenAI Spring Update: Next Flagship Model Is the ‘Natively Multimodal’ GPT-4o

OpenAI’s Spring Update on May 13 brought three major announcements from the AI company: A new flagship AI model called GPT-4o. A desktop ChatGPT app for macOS. ChatGPT users who don’t pay for a subscription can now access more features for free. The coming changes to ChatGPT “brings GPT-4 level . . . Read more

Llama 3 Cheat Sheet: A Complete Guide for 2024

OpenAI may be the more well-known name when it comes to commercial generative AI, but Meta has successfully clawed out a place through open sourcing powerful large language models. Meta revealed its largest generative AI model yet, Llama 3, on April 18, which outperforms GPT04 on some standard AI benchmark . . . Read more

Top 5 AI Trends to Watch in 2024

The AI trend may seem to be following a similar trajectory of hype and adoption as previous enterprise tech trends such as cloud and machine learning, though it’s different in significant ways, including: AI requires massive amounts of compute for the processes that let it digest and recreate unstructured data. . . . Read more

OpenAI’s GPT Store is Now Open for Chatbot Builders

OpenAI has been teasing its storefront for custom versions of ChatGPT for two months, and the doors are now open to the GPT Store. The store, which is accessible to ChatGPT subscribers, provides a gallery of GPTs that are purpose-tweaked generative AI chatbots for image generation, writing, education, programming and . . . Read more

20 Most Popular TechRepublic Articles in 2023

Here’s a list of the 20 most popular articles published by TechRepublic in 2023. Read articles about ChatGPT, Google Bard, Windows 11 and more. This year, developments in generative AI dominated the tech world, and TechRepublic readers expressed a corresponding interest, specifically in content about AI art generators, ChatGPT and . . . Read more

Intel Puts Artificial Intelligence First With Processor Announcements

The Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family brings AI to PCs, while 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors offer AI acceleration for data centers. Today at the Intel AI Everywhere event in New York City, Intel announced the general availability of the Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family, delivering faster AI . . . Read more

Google Reveals Gemini, Its Much-Anticipated Large Language Model

Gemini is available to consumers in Bard or Pixel 8 Pro now, with an enterprise model coming Dec. 13. Google has revealed Gemini, its long-rumored large language model and rival to GPT-4. Global users of Google Bard and the Pixel 8 Pro will be able to run Gemini starting now; . . . Read more

OpenAI DevDay: OpenAI Announces GPT-4 Turbo and GPT Tool Builder Store

GPT-4 Turbo, which is in preview for developers, can call on information as recent as April 2023. And, OpenAI revealed a new way for developers to build AI tools. At the keynote presentation at OpenAI’s first DevDay conference, held November 6, 2023, in San Francisco, OpenAI announced a new, more . . . Read more

Mistral AI Releases Generative AI Model Competitor to Meta’s Llama 2

The large language model Mistral 7B is free to download, with no restrictions on use. Image: putilov_denis/Adobe Stock French generative AI startup Mistral AI has released a free-to-use large language model called Mistral 7B, which has 7.3 billion parameters and has proven competitive with Meta’s Llama 2. Mistral 7B can . . . Read more

NVIDIA Boosts LLM Inference Performance With New TensorRT-LLM Software Library

TensorRT-LLM provides 8x higher performance for AI inferencing on NVIDIA hardware. An illustration of LLM inferencing. Image credit: NVIDIA As companies like d-Matrix squeeze into the lucrative artificial intelligence market with coveted inferencing infrastructure, AI leader NVIDIA today announced TensorRT-LLM software, a library of LLM inference tech designed to speed . . . Read more