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CES 2024: Qualcomm AI Chip for Virtual Reality Could Compete with Apple

Qualcomm made two big reveals at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, including detailing its on-device AI for the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip for virtual and mixed reality headsets. Qualcomm continued the classic CES trend of showing off the latest automotive tech with its Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform, which enables . . . Read more

Intel Spins Off Enterprise Generative AI Deployment Firm Articul8

Intel and the global investment firm DigitalBridge Group have formed an independent generative AI software stack company, Articul8 AI, Inc. (Articul8); Intel announced the new company on Jan. 3. Articul8 will work with Intel and provide solutions for organizations that wish to build and deploy generative AI. Articul8’s product and . . . Read more

ESET Threat Report: ChatGPT Name Abuses, Lumma Stealer Malware Increases, Android SpinOk SDK Spyware’s Prevalence

Risk mitigation tips are provided for each of these cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity company ESET released its H2 2023 threat report, and we’re highlighting three particularly interesting topics in it: the abuse of the ChatGPT name by cybercriminals, the rise of the Lumma Stealer malware and the Android SpinOk SDK spyware. . . . Read more

20 Most Popular TechRepublic Articles in 2023

Here’s a list of the 20 most popular articles published by TechRepublic in 2023. Read articles about ChatGPT, Google Bard, Windows 11 and more. This year, developments in generative AI dominated the tech world, and TechRepublic readers expressed a corresponding interest, specifically in content about AI art generators, ChatGPT and . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Predictions of 2024 and Look Back at 2023

Google Cloud’s team recently spoke about the most notable cybersecurity threats of 2023 — multi-faceted extortion and zero-day exploitation — and predicted more zero-day attacks in 2024, during two public, virtual sessions. Plus, Google predicts that both attackers and defenders will continue to use generative AI. However, generative AI probably . . . Read more

How to Use an iPhone With a Chromebook

Google offers many mobile apps for iPhone, such as Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive. But not many people realize you can use several Apple apps on a Chromebook, too! Your choice to use an iPhone and a Chromebook produces a multi-platform challenge, since the platforms are controlled by Apple (iOS) . . . Read more

Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot AI Will Soon Analyze Unstructured Data

At the Salesforce World Tour New York 2023 event, Salesforce expanded on its Apple partnerships. Salesforce announced expanded capabilities of its generative AI assistant Einstein Copilot, enhanced integrations with Apple offerings and more today at the Salesforce World Tour New York 2023 event. The addition of the Data Cloud Vector . . . Read more

How to Use Google’s Titan Security Keys With Passkey Support

Google’s updated Titan Security Keys can serve as a multifactor authenticator and store passkeys to replace passwords. Google announced the availability of Titan Security Keys with passkey support in mid-November 2023; the initial Titan Security Keys edition was used solely for multifactor authentication. Security keys offer a tangible token in . . . Read more

Google Adds Gemini Pro API to AI Studio and Vertex AI

Starting Dec. 13, developers can use Google AI Studio and Vertex AI to build applications with the Gemini Pro API, which allows access to Google’s new generative AI model. Google’s initial rollout of Gemini was limited to Google Bard and the Pixel 8 Pro, so Wednesday’s general availability of Gemini . . . Read more