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Azure vs. Google Cloud (2023): A Comprehensive Comparison

Looking to move data around in the cloud? Moving massive amounts of data has become a backbone of business. It might involve switching from one cloud to another, performing continuous on-premises data migration or continuously ingesting data from a social feed without dedicated servers. Cloud migration can be a one-time . . . Read more

Microsoft 365 Copilot Release Date Set for November

The AI assistant will launch across Microsoft products, from 365 to Windows, and includes a prompt writing tool. Image: AdriaVidal/Adobe Stock Microsoft 365 Copilot will be available for business and enterprise users globally on November 1, Microsoft announced yesterday. The AI assistant can draw information from across Bing, Edge, Microsoft . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (September 2023): Java Competitor Kotlin Returns to the Top 20

Kotlin competes with Java to be a top programming language for mobile applications on Android. The top 3 stay steady. Image: monsitj/Adobe Stock This month, the programming language Kotlin reached the top 20 on the TIOBE Programming Community Index for the second time. Kotlin was created in 2016 by software . . . Read more

Google Reveals Combined SIEM and SOAR Update for Chronicle Security Operations Platform

Users of the SecOps platform can preview Duet AI’s natural language questions and summarization capabilities. Google Cloud announced today that an updated version of its Chronicle Security Operations platform is available in preview. The update unifies security information and event management and security orchestration, automation and response, plus adds an . . . Read more

What Does Closed-Door Meeting With AI Industry Leaders Mean for Business?

Some of the United States’ top tech executives and generative AI development leaders met with senators last Wednesday in a closed-door, bipartisan meeting about possible federal regulations for generative artificial intelligence. Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Bill Gates were some of the tech leaders in attendance, . . . Read more

Zero-Day Security Vulnerability Found in Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers

Updates are now available to patch a Chrome vulnerability that would allow attackers to run malicious code. Image: ktsdesign/Adobe Stock It’s time to update Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Thunderbird, Microsoft Edge, the Brave browser or Tor Browser; web development news site StackDiary has reported a zero-day vulnerability in all . . . Read more

Google Database Migration Service Review (Updated for 2023)

Google Database Migration Service is a service that supports users who want to migrate data into Google Cloud. Explore its features, pricing, and more to determine if it’s your ideal DMS. Database migrations can be highly complex and challenging, involving expensive upgrades and the risk of prolonged downtime while code . . . Read more

Google Applies Generative AI Tools to Cloud Security

Image: Bilal Ulker At its Google Next ’23 event this week, Google revealed how — with the use of its PaLM 2 foundational model — it is applying the generative AI Duet AI to security solutions in Google Cloud, including posture management, threat intelligence and detection and network and data . . . Read more