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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Best Deals on Tech for Work

Google Pixel 7a: Amazon Beats Studio Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones: Amazon SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB Memory Card: Amazon Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Amazon Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: Amazon Get an Amazon Prime membership: Amazon If you’re an Amazon Prime member, July 16 and 17 are good times to . . . Read more

Google’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increased by 48% Since 2019, Thanks to AI Pursuits

Google’s latest annual environmental report reveals the true impact its recent forays into artificial intelligence has had on its greenhouse gas emissions. The expansion of its data centres to support AI developments contributed to the company producing 14.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in 2023. This represents a 48% . . . Read more

CISA Report Finds Most Open-Source Projects Contain Memory-Unsafe Code

More than half of open-source projects contain code written in a memory-unsafe language, a report from the U.S.’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has found. Memory-unsafe means the code allows for operations that can corrupt memory, leading to vulnerabilities like buffer overflows, use-after-free and memory leaks. The report’s results, published . . . Read more

Yes, You Can Record a Phone Call on Android — Here’s How

In a world where every phone call could be a treasured memory, an important interview or a podcast waiting to happen, your Android device can act as your producer. Yet, when it comes to recording calls, it might not cooperate like you expect. For some lucky users, call recording is . . . Read more

Google Adds New Gemini Models to Vertex AI

Google Cloud made a flurry of AI announcements today, with new models available in Vertex AI, upgrades to the Gemini API and new languages in Google Translate enabled by AI. Developers can now take advantage of the 2 million token context window in Gemini 1.5 Pro without needing to be . . . Read more

Top 5 Prompt Engineering Certifications That Are Worth Taking

Course spotlight: Coursera’s Google AI Essentials Our assessment: Best for beginners Coursera’s Google AI Essentials stands out as a flexible, beginner-friendly course that shows how to use generative AI to speed up everyday work tasks such as writing emails, summarizing meetings or solving math problems. Learn prompt engineering techniques such . . . Read more

The Future of Search? 5 New Ways to Find Answers with AI Search

Emerging AI-based search systems often leverage large language models to generate explanations, consolidate content from multiple sources or cogently summarize a selected web page. The AI search systems covered below vary as to when they deliver LLM-aided results (ranging from only when you request it to every time) and how . . . Read more

Microsoft Charged for Violating EU Antitrust Rules by Bundling Teams With Other Office Products

Microsoft has been charged by the EU for breaking antitrust rules. The European Commission claims that by bundling Teams into the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites, the company disproportionately restricts competition in the market for communication apps. The primary reason for this is because Microsoft’s suite of business productivity . . . Read more

What Is Google’s AI Overviews?

Google AI Overviews is a feature within Google Search that provides AI-generated summaries and insights at the top of search results. It is powered by Google’s custom artificial intelligence model, Gemini, and is designed to help users quickly find detailed and contextually relevant information from a variety of online sources. . . . Read more