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Google Workspace Security: DeleFriend Vulnerability Could Allow Unwanted Access to APIs

Hunters researchers noted the vulnerability could lead to privilege escalation. Google said the report “does not identify an underlying security issue in our products.” Cybersecurity researchers from the firm Hunters discovered a vulnerability in Google Workspace that could allow unwanted access to Workspace APIs. The flaw is significant in that . . . Read more

Top Collaboration Tools for Mobile Developers

Mobile development teams can use the various features found in collaboration tools to perform code reviews, share feedback and ideas, stay in sync, improve efficiency and increase productivity. This guide will break down the following top mobile development tools for collaboration in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing: . . . Read more

How to Annotate in Google Slides While You Present

By annotating in Google Slides when you present, your presentations will be more engaging, interactive and impactful. Google added a pen tool to let a presenter add marks on Google Slides; the pen joins the laser pointer option as a way to draw attention to parts of your presentation. While . . . Read more

How to Enable Passkeys For Your Google Account

Enable passkeys today for fast and secure access to your Google accounts. And Google Workspace administrators may allow people in their organization to use passkeys, too. When compared to a conventional password, a passkey offers an easier and faster way to sign into your Google account. You may add a . . . Read more

Google Applies Generative AI Tools to Cloud Security

Image: Bilal Ulker At its Google Next ’23 event this week, Google revealed how — with the use of its PaLM 2 foundational model — it is applying the generative AI Duet AI to security solutions in Google Cloud, including posture management, threat intelligence and detection and network and data . . . Read more

Google AI in Workspace Adds New Zero-Trust and Digital Sovereignty Controls

Image: Urupong/Adobe Stock At a Google Cloud press event on Tuesday, the company announced Google Cloud’s rollout over the course of this year of new AI-powered data security tools bringing zero-trust features to  Workspace, Drive, Gmail and data sovereignty. The enhancements to Google Drive, Gmail, the company’s security tools for . . . Read more

How to Set the Print Area in Google Sheets: Step-by-Step Guide

Google Sheets gives you considerable control over how your pages print, regardless of whether your sheet contains tables from Bard, customer data or financial analysis. You can choose to print everything in your workbook, your current sheet or a selected group of cells. Google Sheets even allows you to adjust . . . Read more