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Google Cloud Next 2024: New Data Center Chip and Chrome Enterprise Premium Join the Ecosystem

Google Cloud announced a new enterprise subscription for Chrome and a bevy of generative AI add-ons for Google Workspace during the Cloud Next ‘24 conference, held in Las Vegas from April 9 – 11. Overall, Google Cloud is putting its Gemini generative AI in place as much as it can; . . . Read more

Intel Vision 2024 Offers New Look at Gaudi 3 AI Chip

After first announcing the existence of the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator last year, Intel is ready to put the chip in the hands of OEMs in Q2 2024. Intel announced this and other news, including a new Xeon 6 brand and an open Ethernet standard for AI workloads, at a . . . Read more

The 10 Best AI Courses in 2024

Since ChatGPT proved a consumer hit, a gold rush has set off for AI in Silicon Valley. Investors are intrigued by companies promising generative AI will transform the world, and companies seek workers with the skills to bring them into the future. The frenzy may be cooling down in 2024, . . . Read more

Google Cloud/Cloud Security Alliance Report: IT and Security Pros Are ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About AI

The C-suite is more familiar with AI technologies than their IT and security staff, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance commissioned by Google Cloud. The report, published on April 3, addressed whether IT and security professionals fear AI will replace their jobs, the benefits and challenges of . . . Read more

NVIDIA GTC 2024: Top 5 Trends

NVIDIA has come a long way from the days of specializing in graphics cards for gaming — NVIDIA GPUs now provide a lot of the power behind generative AI for enterprise. At NVIDIA GTC 2024, held March 18 – 21 in San Jose, California, generative AI was everywhere, from chatbots . . . Read more

Salesforce Rolls Out Customization Tool for Einstein Copilot Generative AI Assistant

Salesforce announced the public availability of the Einstein Copilot generative AI assistant just last week, and now the company is rolling out more AI products and developer programs at TrailblazerDX 2024, its developer conference. On March 6, the CRM giant rolled out: Einstein 1 Studio, which can be used to . . . Read more

Google Enters the Lightweight AI Market With Gemma

Google has released Gemma, a family of AI models based on the same research as Gemini. Developers can’t quite get their hands into the engine of Google Gemini yet, but what the tech giant released on Feb. 21 is a smaller, open source model for researchers and developers to experiment . . . Read more

Intel Spins Off Enterprise Generative AI Deployment Firm Articul8

Intel and the global investment firm DigitalBridge Group have formed an independent generative AI software stack company, Articul8 AI, Inc. (Articul8); Intel announced the new company on Jan. 3. Articul8 will work with Intel and provide solutions for organizations that wish to build and deploy generative AI. Articul8’s product and . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Predictions of 2024 and Look Back at 2023

Google Cloud’s team recently spoke about the most notable cybersecurity threats of 2023 — multi-faceted extortion and zero-day exploitation — and predicted more zero-day attacks in 2024, during two public, virtual sessions. Plus, Google predicts that both attackers and defenders will continue to use generative AI. However, generative AI probably . . . Read more

Google Workspace Security: DeleFriend Vulnerability Could Allow Unwanted Access to APIs

Hunters researchers noted the vulnerability could lead to privilege escalation. Google said the report “does not identify an underlying security issue in our products.” Cybersecurity researchers from the firm Hunters discovered a vulnerability in Google Workspace that could allow unwanted access to Workspace APIs. The flaw is significant in that . . . Read more