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3 Best DevSecOps Tools in 2023

Not to be confused with DevOps (development and operations), DevSecOps (development, security and operations) automatically integrates security into each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), all the way from initial design to ongoing monitoring and maintenance. In doing so, it helps teams release highly secure software without slowing down . . . Read more

Best GitHub Alternatives for Developers in 2023

GitHub is a popular version control and collaboration platform with a large, loyal following that helps software developers manage their code efficiently. While GitHub excels in many areas, such as team collaboration, extensive documentation and support and seamless integrations, the developer tool also has some weaknesses, such as a steep . . . Read more

Top Container Management Tools

Container management tools offer developers isolated, portable, and consistent environments that can help them quickly develop, test, and deploy applications across a wide variety of platforms. This guide will break down the following top container management tools in terms of features, pros, cons, and pricing so you can pick the . . . Read more

GitLab’s Lemos: AI, Automation are Key to DevSecOps

Image: Monticellllo/Adobe Stock GitLab, like its competitor GitHub, was born of the open source Git project and is still an open-core company (i.e., a company that commercializes open-source software that anyone can contribute to). It has, since its 2011 launch as an open-source code-sharing platform, seen its DevOps software package . . . Read more

Best Issue Tracking Tools for DevOps Developers

Bug and issue tracking tools can help DevOps developers communicate effectively, resolve problems rapidly and continuously improve the quality of their products. This guide will discuss the following top bug and issue tracking tools for developers in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing: Jira: a great choice for . . . Read more

Best Code Review Tools

Code review tools can help developers collaborate and improve code quality so they can ship robust, issue-free software. This guide will discuss the following top code review tools in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing: GitHub: ideal for developers using Git repositories and who are already on the . . . Read more

GitLab announces AI-DevSecOps platform GitLab 16

Image: GitLab GitLab announced on Monday the new GitLab 16 platform, an upgraded and comprehensive AI-driven DevSecOps solution. GitLab 16 includes more than 55 improvements and new features. Upgrades are expected to be available soon. GitLab 16 is available to customers globally and there is a Free, Premium, and Ultimate . . . Read more

GitLab CI/CD Tool Review

GitLab CI/CD is a DevOps automation tool that helps software developers automate the steps involved in building, testing, and deploying code, as well as improving productivity, security, and quality in during the software development lifecycle. In this review, we will break down GitLab CI/CD in terms of its features, pricing, . . . Read more