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Is AI ‘Copilot’ a Generic Term or a Brand Name?

The term “copilot” for AI assistants seems to be everywhere in enterprise software today. Like many things in the generative AI industry, the way the word is used is changing. Sometimes it is capitalized, and sometimes it is not. GitHub’s choice of Copilot as a brand name was the first . . . Read more

Top Collaboration Tools for Mobile Developers

Mobile development teams can use the various features found in collaboration tools to perform code reviews, share feedback and ideas, stay in sync, improve efficiency and increase productivity. This guide will break down the following top mobile development tools for collaboration in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing: . . . Read more

GitHub Universe: Open Source Trends Report and New AI Security Products

GitHub Advanced Security gains AI features, and GitHub Copilot now includes a chatbot option. GitHub Copilot Enterprise is expected in February 2024. Image: Adobe/sdx15 At the GitHub Universe conference held in San Francisco and virtually on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, 2023, the company revealed its new open source trends . . . Read more

EleKtra-Leak Campaign Uses AWS Cloud Keys Found on Public GitHub Repositories to Run Cryptomining Operation

Image: WhataWin New research from Palo Alto Networks’s Unit 42 exposes an active attack campaign in which a threat actor hunts for Amazon IAM credentials in real time in GitHub repositories and starts using them less than five minutes later. The final payload runs customized Monero cryptomining software on virtual . . . Read more

White Hat Hackers Discover Microsoft Leak of 38TB of Internal Data Via Azure Storage

The Microsoft leak, which stemmed from AI researchers sharing open-source training data on GitHub, has been mitigated. Microsoft has patched a vulnerability that exposed 38TB of private data from its AI research division. White hat hackers from cloud security company Wiz discovered a shareable link based on Azure Statistical Analysis . . . Read more

Best Code Review Tools

Code review tools can help developers collaborate and improve code quality so they can ship robust, issue-free software. This guide will discuss the following top code review tools in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing: GitHub: ideal for developers using Git repositories and who are already on the . . . Read more

At Black Hat, Splunk, AWS, IBM Security and Others Launch Open Source Cybersecurity Framework

Image: Adobe Stock/Scanrail At a restaurant where the waiters, chefs and cooks speak the same language but use different words for what’s on the menu, you might order lobster bisque and wind up with steak frites. A similar Tower of Babel issue exists in cybersecurity, especially given increasing threats in . . . Read more

Top Collaboration Tools for DevOps Developers

DevOps developers must stay on the same page to ensure they meet deadlines, minimize errors, and nothing slips through the cracks. The collaboration tools in this guide can help developers achieve those goals. To help you choose the right one for your software development team, we will review the following . . . Read more

How to secure your GitHub account with two-factor authentication

GitHub wants you to protect your account with the right type of authentication. Image: Rubaitul Azad/Unsplash GitHub is now prompting developers and administrators who use the site to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication. The move toward two-factor authentication for all such users officially started on March 13 and will . . . Read more