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Deloitte’s Tech Predictions for 2024: Generative AI Will Continue to Shape Chips Market

Deloitte’s 2024 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions report released on Nov. 29 analyzes what the future of tech might look like over the next year. Featured topics include sustainability, artificial intelligence’s prevalence, the impact of cloud sovereignty and changes in the smartphone industry; in particular, the report focuses on how . . . Read more

ChatGPT 1-Year Anniversary: How Generative AI Has Evolved

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT on Nov. 30, 2022, the generative AI chatbot has helped make artificial intelligence a $207 billion industry. Two months after its launch, ChatGPT was recognized as the fastest-growing consumer application in history. Due to the quick and massive success of ChatGPT, generative AI has become a . . . Read more

AWS re:Invent: Text and Image Generative AI Embeddings Come to Amazon Titan

During the AWS re:Invent generative AI keynote, Amazon announced Bedrock support for Claude 2.1 and Llama 2 70B and more. After the AWS announcements yesterday about the Amazon Q chatbot for enterprise and powerful new chips for AI workloads, Vice President of Databases, Analytics and Machine Learning at AWS Swami . . . Read more

AWS Launches New Chips for AI Training and Its Own AI Chatbot

Amazon Web Services announced an AI chatbot for enterprise use, new generations of its AI training chips, expanded partnerships and more during AWS re:Invent, held from November 27 to December 1, in Las Vegas. The focus of AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote held on day two of the conference was . . . Read more

Generative AI: UK Business Leaders Face Investment Challenges as Everyone Claims to Be an Expert

U.K. business leaders feel pressured to accelerate investments in generative artificial intelligence despite an abundance of potentially dud advice clouding decision-making, research from Ernst & Young suggests. Meanwhile, a survey of 150 U.K. CEOs by KPMG finds that 71% see generative AI as a top investment priority, despite ongoing economic . . . Read more

Amazon Launches New Generative AI Training Courses for Free

The ‘AI Ready’ initiative offers online classes for developers and other technical professionals as well as for high school and university students. On Nov. 20, Amazon revealed the “AI Ready” commitment, a set of courses, a scholarship and a collaboration with Code.org to promote generative artificial intelligence skills. Amazon wants . . . Read more

IBM Study: Businesses Work on Adapting to Generative AI, Hybrid Cloud

Of the business decision-makers surveyed by IBM, 68% have created formal policies around generative AI. Of organizations that use hybrid cloud, 68% have established formal, organization-wide policies around generative AI, The Harris Poll working on behalf of the IBM Institute for Business Value found in a news report published in . . . Read more

Automation Tech to Form Central Part of Effort in Australia to Operationalise AI in 2024

Automation use cases like intelligent document processing and communications mining could help organisations fast-track artificial intelligence operationalisation in 2024, according to a report from UiPath, as businesses seek to combine AI with automation to improve processes. Mark Fioretto, area vice president and managing director at UiPath Mark Fioretto, area vice . . . Read more

Australia Needs to Prepare to Reap the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Australia is well-positioned to capitalise on the future influence of artificial intelligence on its economic prosperity, according to the CSIRO, thanks to its leading positions in a range of areas including AI research, advanced manufacturing and robotics, and machine learning. However, Stela Solar, director of the National Artificial Intelligence Centre, . . . Read more

Behind the Controversy: Why Artists Hate AI Art

AI-generated art has gained massive popularity in recent years. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a skilled artist to create artwork — non-artists can easily enter a text prompt into a text-to-image generator. With the click of a button, it generates a masterpiece in seconds or minutes. This allows individuals . . . Read more