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Bitdefender vs Kaspersky (2024): Which Solution Is Better?

Cybersecurity threats have become one of the biggest concerns for businesses of all sizes. These security threats are often harder to detect than in the past, creating a much more difficult task for OpSec engineers looking for remediation solutions. SEE: 10 Myths About Cybersecurity You Shouldn’t Believe (TechRepublic Premium) Two . . . Read more

CrowdStrike vs Sophos (2024): Which Solution Is Better for Your Business?

As leaders within the endpoint detection and response industry, CrowdStrike and Sophos provide high-quality EDR for organizations of all sizes. Choosing between the two EDR tools can be difficult due to their similar features and reputations within the industry. SEE: 10 Myths about Cybersecurity You Shouldn’t Believe (TechRepublic Premium) CrowdStrike . . . Read more

VMware Carbon Black vs CrowdStrike Falcon (2024): Which Tool Is Best For Your Business?

As organizations grow, they’ll need to acquireendpoint detection and response tools to monitor activity and secure endpoint devices. VMware’s Carbon Black EDR and CrowdStrike’s Falcon products are two top EDR solutions with features that can help to improve an organization’s security posture. SEE: Microsoft Defender vs Carbon Black: EDR Software . . . Read more

Crowdstrike vs Trellix (2024): What Are The Main Differences?

Security threats are a major concern for businesses, as they can have a number of undesirable consequences, including customer data breaches or loss of sensitive data. To protect against these threats, many businesses are turning to endpoint detection and response, or EDR, software. SEE: 10 Myths about Cybersecurity You Shouldn’t . . . Read more