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Azure vs. Google Cloud (2023): A Comprehensive Comparison

Looking to move data around in the cloud? Moving massive amounts of data has become a backbone of business. It might involve switching from one cloud to another, performing continuous on-premises data migration or continuously ingesting data from a social feed without dedicated servers. Cloud migration can be a one-time . . . Read more

Lenovo’s New TruScale Services Take AI to the Edge for Rapid Business Deployment

Image: Shuo/Adobe Stock Lenovo announced on September 20 the new TruScale for Edge and AI services that are designed to give companies immediate, scalable access to next-generation AI. The company also released the new ThinkEdge SE455 V3 edge server, an AI-ready hardware resource for businesses that build their own edge . . . Read more

Intel Innovation 2023: Attestation and Fully Homomorphic Encryption Coming to Intel Cloud Services

The attestation service is designed to allow data in confidential computing environments to interact with AI safely, as well as provide policy enforcements and audits. Image: JHVEPhoto/Adobe Stock The second day of announcements at Intel’s Innovation event in San Jose, California focused on privacy and security, including confidential AI. Major . . . Read more

Intel Reveals New 288-Core Sierra Forest CPU, Core Ultra Processors at Intel Innovation 2023

Plus, Intel makes progress on its plan to revolutionize manufacturing with the 18A process node slated for 2024. Intel Core Ultra Processors being assembled in Penang, Malaysia. Image: Intel Intel announced advancements in Core Ultra processors, an E-core processor with 288 cores, the 5th Gen Intel Xeon, AI development on . . . Read more

Zero-Day Security Vulnerability Found in Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers

Updates are now available to patch a Chrome vulnerability that would allow attackers to run malicious code. Image: ktsdesign/Adobe Stock It’s time to update Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Thunderbird, Microsoft Edge, the Brave browser or Tor Browser; web development news site StackDiary has reported a zero-day vulnerability in all . . . Read more

FanDuel Partners With AWS to Meet Demands and Expand Into New Markets

Image: peach_adobe/Adobe Stock FanDuel, the leading American sports gaming company driving a multibillion-dollar industry, has been at the frontline of the industry’s digital transformation for years. Now, it’s expanding its partnership with Amazon Web Service to scale, meet demands and reach new regions. On Sept. 13, the company that offers . . . Read more

Google Cloud Next ‘23: New Generative AI-Powered Services

Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Google unveiled a wide array of new generative AI-powered services at its Google Cloud Next 2023 conference in San Francisco on August 29. At the pre-briefing, we got an early look at Google’s new Cloud TPU, A4 virtual machines powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs and more. . . . Read more

VMware Explore 2023: Keynote Highlights

Explore enterprise applications and infrastructure, AI, tools for the remote workforce, machine learning, and more from VMware Explore 2023. Image: Adobe/apinan VMware made several announcements related to new cloud, edge and machine learning services on August 22 at VMware Explore held in Las Vegas. This includes services for accelerated ransomware . . . Read more

Tech Takes Diverse Approaches to Sustainability Including Net Zero Carbon by 2030

Image: blacksalmon/Adobe Stock Parse away, but dire climate news on the potential of the world to breach a 1.5c temperature increase threshold by 2027. Such here-and-now consequences of global warming as fires in Hawaii, the cloak or orange haze from record Canadian fires and July coming in as the hottest . . . Read more

Cloud Data Systems and Edge AI Make a Major Impact on Today’s Data Science

Gartner outlines the top trends in machine learning and data science, including the impact of generative AI. Learn more about the top trends with our article. Image: kras99/Adobe Stock Gartner outlines the top trends in machine learning and data science, including the impact of generative AI. Investors will pour more . . . Read more