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Running WordPress on Azure for secure, fast and global content delivery

Learn about Microsoft’s WordPress on Azure App Service, as well as an interesting alternative from WP Engine. Image: Hugo Baeta Twenty years old this year, WordPress remains one of the most popular content management tools. Running a WordPress instance requires a web server and a database, an ideal combination for . . . Read more

Attack campaign on edge appliance: undetected since 2021 and resists firmware update

A possible Chinese attack campaign on compromised unpatched SonicWall SMA edge devices stayed undetected since 2021 and could persist even through firmware updates. Image: ArtemisDiana/Adobe Stock As reported by a new Mandiant research document, a new malware is made of several bash scripts and a single Executable and Linkable Format . . . Read more

Kubernetes is the key to cloud, but cost containment is critical

What’s driving the growth of open source container orchestrator Kubernetes? A study by Pepperdata shows how companies are using K8s and the challenges they face in getting a handle on cloud costs. Image: LuckyStep/Adobe Stock With the rush to cloud enterprise comes increasing use of Kubernetes to get applications up . . . Read more

EU network providers keep pushing Big Tech to help pay for infrastructure

Telecom and EU representatives at MWC 2023 increased pressure on American Big Tech companies to help with future-proofing expenses. Image: Pixabay Who foots the bill for a telecommunications network? In an ongoing attempt to answer the question, European Union telecommunications companies at Mobile World Congress 2023 pushed regulators to make . . . Read more