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European Commission Examines Alphabet, Apple and Meta’s Walled Gardens Under the DMA

The European Commission announced on March 25 open investigations into Alphabet, Apple and Meta for alleged gatekeeping (i.e., promoting their own services above competitors’) on apps and in browsers. The investigation is the first major action taken under Europe’s Digital Markets Act since the DMA’s “gatekeeper” rules went into force . . . Read more

Learn How to Build an Amazon Dropshipping Business for $35

TL;DR: The Complete Amazon Dropshipping & Private Label Master Class Bundle provides a complete introduction to dropshipping and private label e-commerce, and it’s just $34.97 through February 25th. Dropshipping is a proven model for making money online. The tricky part is that everyone else wants to break into the same . . . Read more

What Do Apple’s EU App Store Changes Mean for App Developers?

In order to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, Apple announced on Jan. 25 changes to its payment system for app sellers in the EU, and that it was letting go of the hold its App Store has over iOS app distribution in the EU. As well as . . . Read more

Understand the Basics of Data Governance in E-Commerce

Data governance is necessary in e-commerce as it ensures that decisions are based on quality data while simultaneously managing risk and upholding compliance standards. Data governance serves as the backbone for businesses to manage and utilize data effectively. It begins with the inventory and classification of available data, guided by . . . Read more

Novel Online Shopping Malware Hides in Social-Media Buttons

The skimmer steals credit-card data, using steganography to hide in plain sight in seemingly benign images. A payment card-skimming malware that hides inside social-media buttons is making the rounds, compromising online stores as the holiday shopping season gets underway. According to researchers at Sansec, the skimmer hides in fake social-media . . . Read more

Magecart Attack Convincingly Hijacks PayPal Transactions at Checkout

New credit-card skimmer uses postMessage to make malicious process look authentic to victims to steal payment data. Just in time for a busy online holiday shopping season, the Magecart gang has come up with a new credit-card skimming technique for hijacking PayPal transactions during checkout. A security researcher who identifies . . . Read more

WordPress Sites Open to Code Injection Attacks via Welcart e-Commerce Bug

The shopping cart application contains a PHP object-injection bug. A security vulnerability in the Welcart e-Commerce plugin opens up websites to code injection. This can lead to payment skimmers being installed, crashing of the site or information retrieval via SQL injection, researchers said. Welcart e-Commerce is a free WordPress plugin . . . Read more