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Forrester: Extended reality has not lived up to the promise, but don’t rule it out yet

Image: DIgilife/Adobe Stock Extended reality technologies have been touted for the ability to augment employees’ capabilities, but the promise has yielded more hype than actual results, according to a new report from Forrester. The research firm surveyed 20 end-user and vendor companies to understand how XR and metaverse technologies could . . . Read more

What Is IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh?

Learn what the expanded cloud offerings mean for potentially smoothing out the line between DevOps and SecOps. Image: metamorworks/Adobe Stock IBM continues to expand its cloud offerings with Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a software-as-a-service platform meant to give DevOps and CloudOps teams more fine-grained control over application connectivity between clouds. It . . . Read more

Microsoft Work Trend Index: AI will work alongside employees

Artificial intelligence could enhance, not replace, jobs, Microsoft says. But AI still needs human input and emotional intelligence. Image: kras99/Adobe Stock Will generative artificial intelligence replace jobs or enhance them? That’s the question Microsoft set out to answer in its Work Trend Index report. For this report, Edelman Data x . . . Read more

Salesforce announces Einstein GPT for field service

Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Salesforce’s Einstein GPT and Data Cloud are now available in beta in the Field Service app, giving field service workers access to artificial intelligence features such as real-time data, automation and summarization. Jump to: Who is Einstein GPT for Field Service for? Salesforce says its addition . . . Read more

Matterport and AWS partnership enhances digital twins with joint dashboard

New integrations expand on Matterport spacial data service for AWS IoT TwinMaker. Image: Funtap/Adobe Stock Organizations using Matterport for spatial data can now view it on the same dashboard as AWS IoT TwinMaker data with a new integration. The AWS service builds digital twins that are useful in manufacturing, construction . . . Read more

Microsoft offers Windows 11 for HoloLens 2

The operating system update for the mixed-reality headset includes improved 3D annotations in Dynamics 365 Guides. Image: dvoevnore/Adobe Stock Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 will now support Windows 11, providing performance updates and more tools for app developers. Owners of the Microsoft mixed-reality headset can expect to see Windows 11 as a . . . Read more

Tech leaders: Take an AI-first approach to data strategy to accelerate transformation

A connected intelligence system requires a modern data approach, especially across three competencies. Image: Blue Planet Studio/Adobe Stock. AI adoption is a given in business today — Forrester’s latest Data and Analytics Survey found that three in four enterprises have embarked on the journey of using AI to transform their . . . Read more

Report: Some IT outsourcing is moving back onshore

While cost is generally the main consideration, the war in Ukraine and global political tensions are prompting companies to shift their IT outsourcing strategies, according to a new report. Image: Adobe Stock/OpturaDesign A persistent talent shortage has led nearly 70% of IT leaders to increase their need to outsource, with . . . Read more