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9 out of 10 UK Business Leaders Suffer From Tech Anxiety That Disrupts Their Sleep, BT Study Finds

While rapid digital transformations can result in many business benefits, a new study has revealed that they also take a toll on mental health. Nearly nine out of 10 U.K. business leaders say they suffer from tech-related stress that’s severe enough to disrupt their sleep. BT commissioned a survey of . . . Read more

Gartner: 4 Bleeding-Edge Technologies in Australia

For IT leaders, it is an exciting and challenging time. On the one hand, there is the need to be in a state of constant innovation. On the other hand, understanding where that innovation comes from and where the best areas to direct limited resources are can be difficult. Finding . . . Read more

9 Innovative Use Cases of AI in Australian Businesses in 2024

More than three-quarters of Australian businesses are excited about the opportunities AI presents to them. A lack of AI talent and skills are holding some projects back, but we’re already seeing remarkably innovative uses of AI by enterprises that have been in a position to take an early mover advantage. . . . Read more

How Are APAC Tech Salaries Faring in 2024?

Working for a salary in tech has been somewhat of a wild ride in APAC in recent years. First, there were the boom times leading into the year 2022, when the widespread pursuit of digitisation initiatives following the peak of the global pandemic combined with pervasive talent shortages put tech . . . Read more

RSM Australia Is Using Automation, AI to Unlock Efficiencies Across a Multigenerational Workforce

Australian audit, tax and consulting firm RSM Australia is now over 100 years old. However, the firm is keeping its sights well and truly on the future with a move to implement automation and AI technologies in recent years to improve the experience of its employees and its customers. RSM . . . Read more

Digital Twins Are the Next Wave of Innovation, and Australia Needs to Move Quickly

Digital twins are a simple enough concept: They are the digital representation of any real product, system or process, and they’re used for simulation, monitoring and integration. While the concept is simple, the value of the technology in application is significant. Digital twins have a role to play in almost . . . Read more

White House Recommends Memory-Safe Programming Languages and Security-by-Design

A new White House report focuses on securing computing at the root of cyber attacks — in this case, reducing the attack surface with memory-safe programming languages like Python, Java and C# and promoting the creation of standardized measurements for software security. The report urges tech professionals to: Implement memory-safe . . . Read more

Salesforce World Tour Offers Hard-Won Lessons From Complex Australian Digital Transformations

Leaders transforming complex organisations with Salesforce came together at Salesforce’s World Tour Sydney 2024 to share key learnings for IT and other transformation stakeholders on how to manage complex, customer-focused digital transformations. The projects included a complete tech stack redesign and transformation at HBF, where since 2018 the health services . . . Read more

Why Australia’s Banking Sector Should Watch CBA’s ‘Experiments’ With AI Closely

In its first half of the FY24 report, Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced that, through “responsible scaling of AI,” it has already produced more than 50 generative AI use cases. The bank says that it will simplify operational processes and support new customer experiences. Beneath that dry language, it’s worth . . . Read more

4 Ways to Boost Digital Transformation Across the UK

Image: Adobe/The KonG The UK Tech Cluster Group, which brings together tech groups from across the country, has launched a report outlining the steps the next government should take to make sure businesses across the country are able to harness digital innovation. The report makes these four broad recommendations for . . . Read more