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Isambard-AI: UK’s New £225m AI Supercomputer to Be Among the World’s Fastest

The new AI supercomputer will be the fastest in the U.K. when it launches in 2024 and will leverage artificial intelligence to drive breakthroughs in cutting-edge science. The Isambard-AI supercomputer will be housed at the National Composites Center in Bristol, U.K. Image: NCC The U.K. government is spending £225 million . . . Read more

Qualcomm Claims Snapdragon X Elite Platform for Windows PCs Will Rival Apple Chips

Generative AI workloads will be able to run on-chip in the Snapdragon X Elite. Qualcomm claims the Snapdragon X Elite exceeds Apple’s M2 Max chip’s power and energy use. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, a system-on-chip platform for Windows PCs announced at Snapdragon Summit in Maui on October 24, marks a . . . Read more

Dell’s sustainable data center management strategy: Interview with expert Alyson Freeman

Image: peach_adobe/Adobe Stock At Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, sustainability and an increasing need for processing power were both hot topics. I spoke with Alyson Freeman, sustainability product manager at Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group, to discover what Dell is doing in the field of sustainable data center management. In . . . Read more

Dell VP on the changing world of DevOps, CloudOps, AI and multicloud by design 

Image: kras99/Adobe Stock At Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, I sat down with Caitlin Gordon, vice president, product management, software and solutions at Dell Technologies, to learn about her company’s push toward multicloud by design. We also discussed DevOps, AI workloads, the skills gap and much more. The following . . . Read more

Dell’s Project Helix heralds a move toward specifically trained generative AI

Image: Supatman/Adobe Stock Generative artificial intelligence is at a pivotal moment. Enterprises want to know how to take advantage of mass amounts of data, while keeping their budgets within today’s economic demands. Generative AI chatbots have become relatively easy to deploy, but sometimes return false “hallucinations” or expose private data. . . . Read more

Dell reveals new edge as-a-service portfolio, NativeEdge

Dell also zeroed in on zero trust and introduced a modular deployment service as part of its new edge offerings. Image: Michael Traitov/Adobe Stock At Dell Technologies World this week, the company announced its new edge operation software platform NativeEdge. First announced last October as Project Frontier, the project has . . . Read more

Dell’s Project Helix is a wide-reaching generative AI service

Dell and NVIDIA joined forces to put generative AI into the hands of Dell’s software-as-a-service customers. Image: Yingyaipumi/Adobe Stock Project Helix will be Dell’s first foray into artificial intelligence for its edge software service, Dell Technologies Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Varun Chhabra announced as part of a preview . . . Read more

S3 Ep32: AirTag jailbreak, Dell vulns, and a never-ending scam [Podcast]

by Paul Ducklin Apple’s brand new AirTag product got hacked already. Things you can learn from Colonial Pipeline’s ransomware misfortune. Why Dell patched a bunch of driver bugs going back more than a decade. And the “Is it you in the video?” scam just keeps on coming back. With Kimberly . . . Read more

Dell fixes exploitable holes its own firmware update driver – patch now!

by Paul Ducklin Researchers at SentinelLabs say that they found various exploitable bugs in one of Dell’s Windows kernel drivers, which they reported back in December 2020. There were five related bugs, now collectively dubbed CVE-2021-21551. Dell has now issued a patch for these vulnerabilities (the official update is dated . . . Read more