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Zetaris: Federated Data Lakes Could Make Sense of Enterprise Data ‘Mess’ to Power AI

Image: Zetaris Australian organisations have tried hard to bring data together in recent decades. They have moved from data marts, which contained information specific to business units, to data warehouses, data lakes and now lakehouses, which contain structured and unstructured data. However, the concept of the federated lakehouse could now . . . Read more

8 Best Data Visualization Tools for 2024 (Free & Paid Software)

Data visualization tools have become essential in translating complex data into actionable insights. With the right tool, businesses and data professionals can uncover trends, patterns and insights that drive strategic decisions. Tools like Microsoft Power BI, Excel, Google Charts and Looker Studio are more ideal for businesses with existing Microsoft . . . Read more

What Is Data Visualization, & Why Is It Important?

Benefits Challenges Simplifies complex data. Enhances data interpretation. Facilitates quicker decision-making. Aids in identifying trends and patterns. Improves communication and presentation of data. Requires specific skills for correct interpretation. Can be misleading if not designed well. Depends on the quality of the underlying data. Potential for information overload. Requires investment . . . Read more

8 Best Data Management Software & Tools for 2024

Data management software, not to be confused with data governance tools, are becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to store, retrieve, manage and organize enterprise data. The software ensures data is accurate, consistent and reliable through features such as data validation, data cleansing and data integration. While popular and larger platforms, . . . Read more

NVIDIA Teams Up With Equinix to Bring Generative AI Training to Data Centers

Data center services company Equinix is collaborating with NVIDIA to provide private AI with NVIDIA DGX on a fully managed AI data center solution, both companies announced on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX is available Jan. 24 in the U.S. and Frankfurt, Germany. Equinix said it . . . Read more

Australian Organisations Struggling to Resolve Tensions Between Personalisation, Privacy

Organisations in Australia face a significant challenge with data. On the one hand, there is a demand for personalised services. Consumers are willing to share their data if it means better personalisation. On the other hand, there is a real concern about privacy, and while organisations are focused on looking . . . Read more

This Top-Rated Data Recovery Tool is More Than $100 Off Now

Image: StackCommerce TL;DR: Accidents happen, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard protects your business from catastrophic data loss. It’s on sale for more than $100 off through January 21. In the fast pace of the modern professional workplace, sometimes accidents happen and data gets lost or erased. Your business needs a . . . Read more

Best Practices to Improve Data Quality

Data quality, the condition of an organization’s data in terms of consistency, accuracy, reliability and completeness, is an easy enough concept to understand. The challenge is attaining and maintaining high data quality standards. Without the right strategies and best practices in place, it can be difficult to maintain and improve . . . Read more

Relational vs NoSQL Cloud Databases

The profound and sustained rise of NoSQL cloud databases, like Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB and Apache Cassandra, marks a significant change in how organizations manage vast and varied datasets. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional relational database management system. In fact, many NoSQL databases have added support for SQL-style queries. But . . . Read more

Data Governance to Be a Renewed Focus in IT for Australian Organisations in 2024

Across Australia, much of the focus to date has been on understanding artificial intelligence’s role in each sector and taking those first steps towards adoption. It was a year of experimentation and exploration. But where 2023 was the year where AI exploded into mainstream consciousness, 2024 looks like it will . . . Read more