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150,000 security cameras allegedly breached in “too much fun” hack

by Paul Ducklin News outlet Bloomberg has gone public with a dramatic cybersecurity news story about surveillance. Bloomberg claims that an “international hacker collective” was responsible for breaking into a network of 150,000 surveillance cameras and purloining private footage from live video feeds. According to Bloomberg, one of the hacking . . . Read more

Keybase secure messaging fixes photo-leaking bug – patch now!

by Paul Ducklin Keybase, owned by online meeting and teleconferencing behemoth Zoom, is a secure messaging and file sharing service that describes itself as providing “end-to-end encryption for things that matter.” End-to-end encryption is pretty much what it says: encryption that starts on your computer, typically inside an individual app . . . Read more

What should you say if you have a data breach? Catch up with Jason Nurse at Sophos Evolve

by Sally Adam Dr Jason R.C. Nurse is an Associate Professor in Cyber Security at the University of Kent, and a Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the socio-technical aspects of cyber security, privacy and trust. Jason has channelled years of research into a concise, . . . Read more

Was there a “COVID-19 vaccine hack” against the European Medicines Agency?

by Paul Ducklin If you’ve been following the news today, you’ve probably seen headlines announcing a breach at the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA, based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, is responsible for the evaluation and approval of medicines in the European Union – a role reflected in its . . . Read more

Phone scamming – friends don’t let friends get vished!

by Paul Ducklin As regular readers will know, we write up real-world scams fairly frequently on Naked Security. Despite ever more aggressive spam filtering, including blocking some senders outright without even seeing what they’ve got to say, many of us receive a daily crop of outright dishonest and manipulative messages . . . Read more