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Microsoft Bets Big on UK AI with $3.2bn Investment

Microsoft has committed £2.5 billion ($3.2 billion USD) to expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities in the U.K. as part of plans to fuel the country’s AI sector. The investment, announced by the U.K. government on November 30, will see Microsoft more than double its AI data centre footprint in Britain . . . Read more

Gartner: By 2028, 70% of Workloads Will Run in a Cloud Computing Environment

According to Gartner, the next wave of cloud computing will see even more complicated workloads migrated over, plus new options and requirements for cloud customers. While many enterprises still see the cloud as a useful way of providing additional capacity over the next few years, they’ll come to see it . . . Read more

Microsoft Improves Windows Security with a Path to Move Off NTLM

NTLM is a simple and straightforward authentication method for connecting to applications on enterprise servers, but it’s also outdated and insecure. Despite that, NLTM is still widely used, partly because of inertia but also because the preferred replacement Kerberos doesn’t currently cope with some important scenarios. Now Microsoft plans to . . . Read more

AI Causing Foundational Data Centre Power and Cooling Conundrum in Australia

Image: Corona Borealis/Adobe Stock Data centres will put increasing demands on Australia’s energy grid as the rise of AI computing continues. There is a real risk of power shortages for data centre operators as Australia transitions towards renewable energy infrastructure. Ben Crowe, associate director for cloud and colocation at Vertiv . . . Read more

4 Data Center Migration Best Practices

Master data center migration, from strategic planning and asset inventory to continuous testing and post-migration optimization and understand its challenges, for a seamless transition. Image: Sashkin/Adobe Stock While the cloud remains a relatively small segment of corporate IT, its growth is staggering. This growth is driven by new applications designed . . . Read more

Supercomputing ‘23: NVIDIA High-Performance Chips Power AI Workloads

NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software shown at Supercomputing ‘23 connects accelerated computing to large language model use cases. At the Supercomputing ‘23 conference in Denver on Nov. 13, NVIDIA announced expanded availability of the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip for high-performance computing and HGX H200 Systems and Cloud Instances for AI . . . Read more

Sandworm, a Russian Threat Actor, Disrupted Power in Ukraine Via Cyberattack

Any company that is strategic could be targeted for the same kind of actions as this cyberattack. Follow these tips to mitigate your company’s risk to this cybersecurity threat. Mandiant, a cybersecurity company owned by Google, has revealed the details of a 2022 cyberattack run by Russian threat actor Sandworm. . . . Read more

Some of the Biggest Movies, TV Shows You Love Rely on Local Data Centre Infrastructure

Image: The Rebel Fleet The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailer was released by Disney’s 20th Century Studios in November 2023. The latest instalment in the hit Planet of the Apes franchise, it has been “causing excitement” for fans and others, said Michael Urban, CEO of The Rebel . . . Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s New $5 Billion Investment in Australia

Microsoft plans to more than double its cloud computing capacity in Australia over the next two years and expand its support for critical national cyber security and technology skills priorities. Fast-growing demand for cloud computing services across Australia has seen Microsoft announce the injection of AU $5 billion (US $3.2 . . . Read more

Google Cloud Platform: What Is It, and Should You Use It?

This guide covers the Google Cloud Platform, its pros and cons and everything a business needs to know about its portfolio. Google Cloud Platform is a leading global cloud computing service provided by Google. From business-critical digital infrastructures to artificial intelligence and machine learning, compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking and . . . Read more