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AWS Custom Silicon Chips Range a Sign of What’s Coming to APAC Cloud Computing

The surge in AI computing has resulted in delays to the supply of AI-capable chips, as demand has outstripped supply. Global giants Microsoft, Google and AWS are ramping up custom silicon production to reduce dependence on the dominant suppliers of GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD. As a result, APAC enterprises may . . . Read more

IBM’s Think 2024 News That Should Help Skills & Productivity Issues in Australia

IBM uses its annual Think conference as a platform to highlight movements in its business and present innovation, and this year was no exception. During this year’s Think event, held May 20-23 in Boston, the tech giant announced several updates to its watsonx platform, promising to make artificial intelligence more . . . Read more

Google, Microsoft, Meta and More to Develop Open Standard for AI Chip Components in UALink Promoter Group

AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Meta and Microsoft are combining their expertise to create an open industry standard for an AI chip technology called Ultra Accelerator Link. The setup will improve high-speed and low latency communications between AI accelerator chips in data centres. An open standard . . . Read more

Gartner Predicts Worldwide Chip Revenue Will Gain 33% in 2024

It’s no secret the AI accelerator business is hot today, with semiconductor manufacturers spinning up neural processing units, and the AI PC initiative driving more powerful processors into laptops, desktops and workstations. Gartner studied the AI chip industry and found that, in 2024, worldwide AI chip revenue is predicted to . . . Read more

Top 5 Cloud Trends U.K. Businesses Should Watch in 2024

As business data demands increase, cloud providers and their customers find themselves having to consider the implications of increasing storage costs, security risks and environmental footprint. Such impacts are of particular importance to U.K. organisations, as it is the largest cloud market in Europe. TechRepublic spoke to U.K. cloud experts to . . . Read more

Delaying AI’s Rollout in the U.K. by Five Years Could Cost the Economy £150+ Billion, Microsoft Report Finds

Adding five years onto the time it takes to roll out AI in the U.K. could reduce its economic impact in 2035 by more than £150 billion, a Microsoft report has revealed. While the country is second in the world in its ability to take advantage of AI, only behind . . . Read more

Dell AI Laptops Will Be Powered By Next-Gen Qualcomm Processors

AI partnerships took top billing at Dell Technologies World 2024, held in Las Vegas from May 20 to May 23. Major news from the conference so far included: Five new AI-capable laptops. More integrations between NVIDIA and Dell’s AI Factory, Dell’s AI enablement program. New partnerships with Hugging Face, Meta . . . Read more

AI Sustainability: How Microsoft, Google Cloud, IBM & Dell are Working on Reducing AI’s Climate Harms

Many companies aim to measure sustainability-related effects with AI such as weather and energy use, but fewer talk about mitigating AI’s water- and power-hungry nature in the first place. Running generative AI sustainably could reduce some of the impact of climate change and look good to investors who want to . . . Read more

Gartner: IT Spending Expected to Grow 8% in 2024

Worldwide IT spending is likely to grow 8% to $5.06 trillion this year, according to Gartner’s 2024 IT spending forecast. Data center systems and software are the segments expected to drive that growth the most. Gartner made its predictions by analyzing sales of IT products and services across hardware, software, . . . Read more

Google Cloud Next 2024: New Data Center Chip and Chrome Enterprise Premium Join the Ecosystem

Google Cloud announced a new enterprise subscription for Chrome and a bevy of generative AI add-ons for Google Workspace during the Cloud Next ‘24 conference, held in Las Vegas from April 9 – 11. Overall, Google Cloud is putting its Gemini generative AI in place as much as it can; . . . Read more