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Dashlane Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Security, Pros & Cons

Dashlane fast facts Our rating: 4.6 stars out of 5Pricing: Starts at $3.33 per monthKey features Secure password vault encryption. No recorded data breaches. Well-designed and intuitive user interface. Dashlane has become one of the most popular password managers available—and for good reason. It has top-tier zero-knowledge encryption for its . . . Read more

Best Mac Password Managers for 2023

Apple’s macOS and iOS include a built-in password management system called Keychain Access, which is supplemented by iCloud and allows for syncing the Keychain between multiple devices. This is a great and simple security solution for many users, but some users require more features in their password manager than iCloud . . . Read more

8 Best Enterprise Password Managers for 2023

The number of online accounts and passwords organizations have to deal with has surged in recent years. This has not only increased the burden of password management but also resulted in some password security issues. A single incident of compromised log-in credentials in one account can put an entire organization . . . Read more