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Google Threat Analysis Group’s Spyware Research: How CSVs Target Devices and Applications

A new publication from Google’s Threat Analysis Group focuses on commercial surveillance vendors, whose services are bought by governments for monitoring or spying purposes. Google is currently tracking more than 40 CSVs, most of which are highly technical with the ability to develop spyware and zero-day exploits to compromise their . . . Read more

IBM, ISC2 Offer Free Cybersecurity Certificate

Image: ISC2 The International Information System Security Certification Consortium and IBM teamed up on February 12 to launch the IBM and ISC2 Cybersecurity Specialist Professional Certificate, which can be earned through a free, four-month, beginner-level training course. IBM chose ISC2 to develop the certification program, which prepares potential cybersecurity professionals . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Nick Godfrey Talks Security, Budget and AI for CISOs

Image: Adobe/Sundry Photography As senior director and global head of the office of the chief information security officer (CISO) at Google Cloud, Nick Godfrey oversees educating employees on cybersecurity as well as handling threat detection and mitigation. We conducted an interview with Godfrey via video call about how CISOs and . . . Read more

Infoblox says IT Pros Are Missing This Mega-Threat From Organised Global Cyber Criminals

High volumes of malware and other malicious content are being delivered to networks in APAC, Australia, New Zealand and across the globe as a result of a set of large-scale malicious cybercriminal partnerships led by the largely secret yet insidious threat actor, VexTrio. Renée Burton, head of threat intelligence at . . . Read more

Botnet Struck U.S. Routers. Here’s How to Keep Employees Safe

State-sponsored hackers affiliated with China have targeted small office/home office routers in the U.S. in a wide-ranging botnet attack, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray announced on Wednesday, Jan. 31. Most of the affected routers were manufactured by Cisco and NetGear and had reached end-of-life status. Department of Justice . . . Read more

Ransomware’s Impact Could Include Heart Attacks, Strokes & PTSD

Ransomware incidents cause significant harm at many levels, including to physical and mental health; new research from U.K. security think tank Royal United Services Institute has classified this impact into three categories (Figure A): First-order harms: The harms to organizations and their staff. Examples include data loss, reputational harm and . . . Read more

More Australian IT Leaders Could Be Looking to Replace Passwords With Passkeys in 2024

Image: Adobe/surasak The Australian government announced in 2023 that it would phase out the use of passwords to access key government digital service platform myGov. In the first half of 2024, Australians may be asked to adopt passkeys, which use individual biometric data to authenticate users. The myGov passkey push . . . Read more

National Cyber Security Centre Study: Generative AI May Increase Global Ransomware Threat

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre has released a new study that finds generative AI may increase risks from cyber threats such as ransomware. Overall, the report found that generative AI will provide “capability uplift” to existing threats as opposed to being a source of brand new threats. Threat actors . . . Read more

Cyber League: UK’s NCSC Calls on Industry Experts to Join its Fight Against Cyber Threats

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre is inviting members of the cybersecurity community to join its new Cyber League, which is a collective of industry experts that will work alongside the government agency to tackle security threats facing the U.K. Announced by the NCSC on Jan. 17, the Cyber . . . Read more

Australian Organisations Struggling to Resolve Tensions Between Personalisation, Privacy

Organisations in Australia face a significant challenge with data. On the one hand, there is a demand for personalised services. Consumers are willing to share their data if it means better personalisation. On the other hand, there is a real concern about privacy, and while organisations are focused on looking . . . Read more