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Australian Government’s ‘Six Cyber Shields’ Is Potentially a Well-Meaning Skills Crisis

The Australian government is displaying great interest and urgency in addressing the deficiencies in security and regulation that have led to one massive-scale leak after another over the past two years. Just this week, Pizza Hut Australia notified nearly 200,000 customers of a widespread data leak, and the government is . . . Read more

Cisco to Acquire Splunk for $28 Billion, Accelerating AI-Enabled Security and Observability

On Thursday Cisco agreed to buy Splunk in a $28 billion deal intended to address AI-enabled security and observability issues. Image: iStockphoto/jejim Cisco announced yesterday its intention to acquire Splunk, a renowned name in data observability and security, in a deal valued at approximately $28 billion. Cisco intends to pay . . . Read more

Intel Innovation 2023: Attestation and Fully Homomorphic Encryption Coming to Intel Cloud Services

The attestation service is designed to allow data in confidential computing environments to interact with AI safely, as well as provide policy enforcements and audits. Image: JHVEPhoto/Adobe Stock The second day of announcements at Intel’s Innovation event in San Jose, California focused on privacy and security, including confidential AI. Major . . . Read more

CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2023: CrowdStrike Brings AI and Cloud Application Security to Falcon

At CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2023, CrowdStrike announced a new Falcon Raptor release with generative-AI capabilities and the acquisition of Bionic. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock At CrowdStrike’s annual Fal.Con show in Las Vegas this week, the company announced a series of enhancements to its Falcon security platform, including a new Raptor release . . . Read more

‘Haywire’ Australian IT Skills Market Prompts Logicalis to Add Talent as a Service

Image: kerkezz/Adobe Stock The IT skills shortage is no secret to Australia’s technology managers. Whether they’ve been hiring new talent into their teams or looking to keep their existing talent engaged and in place, the short supply of skills in recent years has made it quite a challenging time. Scott . . . Read more

Zero-Day Security Vulnerability Found in Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers

Updates are now available to patch a Chrome vulnerability that would allow attackers to run malicious code. Image: ktsdesign/Adobe Stock It’s time to update Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Thunderbird, Microsoft Edge, the Brave browser or Tor Browser; web development news site StackDiary has reported a zero-day vulnerability in all . . . Read more

New DarkGate Malware Campaign Hits Companies Via Microsoft Teams

Get technical details about how this new attack campaign is delivered via Microsoft Teams and how to protect your company from this loader malware. Image: James Thew/Adobe Stock A new report from global cybersecurity company Truesec reveals a new attack campaign leveraging Microsoft Teams to infect companies’ users. While the . . . Read more

Check Point: Hackers Dropping Physical USB Drives at Watering Holes

Image: Timon/Adobe Stock In its 2023 Mid-Year Cyber Security Report, Check Point Software spotlighted numerous exploits so far this year, including novel uses of artificial intelligence and an old-school attack vector: USB drives. Cybercriminals and nation-state actors see these devices as the best way to infect air gapped, segmented and . . . Read more

Cisco: Booming identity market driven by leadership awareness

Image: leowolfert 85% of IT decision-makers are prioritizing identity and access management investments more highly than other security solutions. This is according to the CISO Survival Guide by Cisco’s startup arm, Cisco Investments, with cybersecurity venture capital firms Forgepoint Capital, NightDragon and Team8. The guide, which explored the cybersecurity market . . . Read more

UK’s NCSC Warns Against Cybersecurity Attacks on AI

The National Cyber Security Centre provides details on prompt injection and data poisoning attacks so organizations using machine-learning models can mitigate the risks. Image: Michael Traitov/Adobe Stock Large language models used in artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT or Google Bard, are prone to different cybersecurity attacks, in particular prompt injection . . . Read more