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Nexus Android malware targets 450 financial applications

Learn how to protect your organization and users from this Android banking trojan. Image: Adobe Stock Nexus malware is an Android banking trojan promoted via a malware-as-a-service model. The malware has been advertised on several underground cybercrime forums since January 2023, as reported in new research from Cleafy, an Italian-based . . . Read more

How to secure your GitHub account with two-factor authentication

GitHub wants you to protect your account with the right type of authentication. Image: Rubaitul Azad/Unsplash GitHub is now prompting developers and administrators who use the site to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication. The move toward two-factor authentication for all such users officially started on March 13 and will . . . Read more

Even after armed with defense tools, CISOs say successful cyberattacks are ‘inevitable’: New study

Image: CROCOTHERY/Adobe Stock In Cisco’s new Cybersecurity Readiness Index, only 15% of respondents to the global survey said their organizations have implemented security programs mature enough to defend against current cybersecurity risks. While most enterprises have some collection of cybersecurity measures deployed, a full 82% of the 6,700 chief information . . . Read more

Massive adversary-in-the-middle phishing campaign bypasses MFA and mimics Microsoft Office

Microsoft has already seen millions of phishing emails sent every day by attackers using this phishing kit. Learn how to protect your business from this AitM campaign. Image: dvoevnore/Adobe Stock New research from Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence team exposed the activities of a threat actor named DEV-1101, which started advertising for . . . Read more

Report: Too many enterprises have shadow IT – unlocked doors with no cameras

New report says far too many firms have too many IT assets they cannot see or aren’t using, with some Windows servers lacking endpoint protection and patch management. Image: Askha/Adobe Stock If you are lucky enough to have a Lambo in your garage, you’ll surely have cameras at least on . . . Read more

BECs double in 2022, overtaking ransomware

A look at 4th quarter 2022, data suggests that new threat surfaces notwithstanding, low-code cybersecurity business email compromises including phishing, as well as MFA bombing are still the prevalent exploits favored by threat actors. Image: Adobe Stock Cybersecurity defenders peering into the fog hoping to catch a glimpse of the . . . Read more

First Dero cryptojacking campaign targets unprotected Kubernetes instances

Learn how this cryptocurrency campaign operates and its scope. Then, get tips on protecting vulnerable Kubernetes instances from this cybersecurity threat. Image: Pixabay The cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has observed the first-ever Dero cryptojacking campaign. The attack targets Kubernetes clusters that were accessible on the internet and allowed anonymous access to . . . Read more

How to prevent data theft by existing and departing employees

Some 12% of employees take customer details, health records, sales contracts and other confidential data when leaving a company, according to DTEX. Image: Feodora/Adobe Stock A former employee could try to sell account credentials from their previous employer over the dark web. A current employee could record a confidential presentation . . . Read more