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LockBit Ransomware Gang’s Website Shut Down by FBI and International Law Enforcement

The U.K. National Crime Agency’s Cyber Division, the FBI and international partners have cut off ransomware threat actors’ access to LockBit’s website, which has been used as a large ransomware-as-a-service storefront. What is the LockBit ransomware group? According to CISA, LockBit was the most common type of ransomware deployed globally . . . Read more

CIOs: Consider 3 Best Practices When Using Emerging Technology to Achieve Business Results

It’s a great time to be a CIO. Business has never been so focused on using technology to drive growth. And technology has never been so accessible. The variety of technology options and faster delivery methods (thank you, cloud) have streamlined the process of identifying, buying and deploying technology and . . . Read more

Top IT Skills Trends in the UK for 2024

After a turbulent 2023 marked by job cuts by big tech firms, 2024 could see a more positive outlook for IT professionals in the U.K. Tech workers looking for new roles may find there is particular demand for artificial intelligence and cloud expertise, as well as a need for softer . . . Read more

Australian Payroll Society Says Limited Payroll Expertise Is to Blame for Employee Underpayments

Image: Adobe/TarikVision At the beginning of February 2024, Australia Post, Australia’s national postal service, was forced to apologise to 3,600 employees for payroll errors spanning a decade. The mistake, worth AUD $5.6 million (USD $3.6 million) in wages to be repaid to staff, was blamed on payroll system errors it . . . Read more

Slack Rolls Out Generative AI Search and Summarization

Slack announced in September 2023 its intent to add generative AI features, and today the messaging application company rolled out its AI assistance. Slack’s new generative AI features are designed to increase workers’ productivity by consolidating messages and smart searches. For IT and cybersecurity professionals, Slack summaries can offer quick . . . Read more

4 Ways to Boost Digital Transformation Across the UK

Image: Adobe/The KonG The UK Tech Cluster Group, which brings together tech groups from across the country, has launched a report outlining the steps the next government should take to make sure businesses across the country are able to harness digital innovation. The report makes these four broad recommendations for . . . Read more

NIST Establishes AI Safety Consortium

Image: Adobe/Grandbrothers The National Institute of Standards and Technology established the AI Safety Institute on Feb. 7 to determine guidelines and standards for AI measurement and policy. U.S. AI companies and companies that do business in the U.S. will be affected by those guidelines and standards and may have the . . . Read more

How the Australian Government Sees AI Accelerating Productivity

Australia has a problem with slowing productivity growth. As the group tasked with addressing this, the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission is looking at AI as a potential part of the problem. Recently, the Commission released a three-paper report, Making The Most Of The AI Opportunity: Productivity, Regulation And Data Access, . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Nick Godfrey Talks Security, Budget and AI for CISOs

Image: Adobe/Sundry Photography As senior director and global head of the office of the chief information security officer (CISO) at Google Cloud, Nick Godfrey oversees educating employees on cybersecurity as well as handling threat detection and mitigation. We conducted an interview with Godfrey via video call about how CISOs and . . . Read more

IBM’s Matthew Candy Sees Evidence of Innovation in Australia’s 2024 Pursuit of Generative AI Scale

Australian organisations are keeping pace with global innovation in generative AI, according to IBM Consulting Global Head of Generative AI Matthew Candy. A local legislative focus on regulating high-risk use cases could also foster AI’s potential in the local market, he said. Candy recently visited Australia and the broader APAC . . . Read more