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The 10 Best CRM Software in 2024

Best free CRM offering premium upgrades: HubSpot Best CRM with an intuitive interface: Pipedrive Best CRM for managing projects and tasks: Monday CRM Best CRM offering advanced omnichannel marketing: Zoho CRM Best CRM offering post-sales and opportunity management: Netsuite CRM Best CRM with a mix of advanced features and affordability: . . . Read more

Review Methodology for CRM Software

At TechRepublic, we uphold the standard of fair and honest reviews of CRM software. To successfully do this, we believe it’s important to disclose exactly how we evaluate CRM software, what criteria and subcriteria we’ve defined as most important and how they influence our final ratings and ideal use cases. . . . Read more

AI Is Changing the Way Enterprises Look at Trust: Deloitte & SAP Weigh In

Whether you are creating or customizing an AI policy or reassessing how your company approaches trust, keeping customers’ confidence can be increasingly difficult with generative AI’s unpredictability in the picture. We spoke to Deloitte’s Michael Bondar, principal and enterprise trust leader, and Shardul Vikram, chief technology officer and head of . . . Read more

NetSuite CRM vs. Salesforce (2024): Which CRM Is Best?

NetSuite CRM and Salesforce are both customer relationship management software that offer cloud-based marketing and sales tools for users to manage client interactions. While NetSuite CRM is offered within an ERP, Salesforce is primarily a CRM solution with multiple other products and services. Salesforce is the more popular provider between . . . Read more

Keap CRM Review (2024): Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Keap CRM’s fast facts Starting price: $249/mo. Star rating: 3.4/5 Key features: Lead scoring and prioritizing.  Quotes, invoices and payment. Advanced ecommerce tools.  Keap is customer relationship management software that specializes in helping small businesses automate and grow their workflows and, in turn, profit. Providing solutions for sales and marketing, . . . Read more

What Is Contact Management? Importance, Benefits and Tools

Contact management is crucial for businesses as it centralizes and organizes information about customers, partners and suppliers. By maintaining a well-structured contact management system, companies can easily access and update contact details, interaction history and preferences. This centralization not only streamlines communication but also ensures that information is accurate and . . . Read more

HubSpot CRM vs. Mailchimp (2024): Which Tool Is Right for You?

HubSpot CRM and Mailchimp are both widely used platforms, and each of them has their brand loyalists for good reason. But which one is “better” depends entirely on what it’s being used for. So what are you trying to do with the tool? Are you looking to improve your sales . . . Read more

Pipedrive vs. monday.com (2024): CRM Comparison

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for companies looking to streamline and optimize their sales and customer interactions. Two popular CRM solutions that businesses commonly use are Pipedrive and monday.com. Pipedrive is a sales CRM platform that helps teams organize and manage their sales pipelines. It provides you with . . . Read more

SAP vs. Oracle (2024): Which ERP Solution Is Best for You?

Enterprise resource planning is an all-inclusive system that integrates all aspects of a business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and more. ERP systems are typically implemented through a single, unified platform that connects different departments and functions within an organization. Both SAP and Oracle are industry giants . . . Read more