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How to Transfer Your Data to a New Mac With iCloud

Transferring your data to a new Mac can be seamless with iCloud. Learn how to easily transfer your data to your new Mac using iCloud with this step-by-step guide. Mac and iOS users are likely familiar with iCloud Drive, which stores users’ files on Apple’s cloud-based file storage service that . . . Read more

Top 6 Enterprise Data Storage Solutions for 2023

Amazon, IDrive, IBM, Google, NetApp and Wasabi offer some of the top enterprise data storage solutions. Explore their features and benefits, and find the right solution for your organization’s needs. In the event of a system malfunction, cyberattack or other tech emergencies, maintaining an effective data storage solution can make . . . Read more

What Is Data Storage? Benefits, Types of Data Storage and More

The data generated through business devices can be sensitive, complex and essential for organizational success. To avoid potential data loss, all organizational files, documents and other digital assets must be kept in a secure location, where they can be quickly recovered. Data storage meets these needs, as a user’s media . . . Read more

Get 100GB of Cloud Storage for the Low One-Time Payment of $30 Through 12/3

Forget about monthly or annual payments and get 100GB of private cloud storage for $30. Act fast: This cyber saving deal lasts until 12/3. Image: StackCommerce Cloud storage should be easy, secure and affordable. It’s even better if you can ditch those monthly or annual subscription payments. Best of all, . . . Read more

Google Cloud vs. AWS Comparison: Which Is Best in 2023?

Feature Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Containers Docker and Kubernetes Kubernetes Virtual machines Yes Yes Load balancing services Yes Yes Network service tiers No Yes Distributed object storage Yes Yes Geography-based routing Yes No Free tier Yes Yes Pushing workloads to the cloud is one way businesses enhance scalability, flexibility . . . Read more

Google Cloud Platform: What Is It, and Should You Use It?

This guide covers the Google Cloud Platform, its pros and cons and everything a business needs to know about its portfolio. Google Cloud Platform is a leading global cloud computing service provided by Google. From business-critical digital infrastructures to artificial intelligence and machine learning, compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking and . . . Read more

New Netskope Report Exposes Increasing Use of Cloud Apps to Spread Malware

A new report from Netskope detailing the top techniques used by cybercriminals to attack organizations found that cloud apps are increasingly being used by threat actors, representing 19% of all clicks on spearphishing links. The report also shed light on the attackers’ targets according to their financial or geopolitical motivations. . . . Read more

Get Secure Cloud Storage on a 2TB Lifetime Plan With Internxt for $150

This secure storage platform uses open source code, zero-knowledge file systems, and end-to-end encryption to keep your online data truly private. Image: StackCommerce Every business has certain files that are too important to lose. To guard against this possibility, security experts usually recommend keeping an online backup. With Internxt Cloud . . . Read more

How to Create and Use a Docker Secret From a File (+Video)

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to create and use a Docker secret to help keep your data secure. [embedded content] Secrets are a very important part of deploying containers and services because they encrypt passwords, API keys, certificates and other information you need to keep private within the container. . . . Read more

Get This Excellent MS Office Alternative While It’s on Sale for Just $40

There’s no need to pay for expensive office software or subscriptions when a lifetime of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs is so affordable. Image: StackCommerce With the cost-of-living crisis still rampant, it’s more important than ever to keep your business expenses under control, including ditching unnecessarily expensive office software. You . . . Read more