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AWS Custom Silicon Chips Range a Sign of What’s Coming to APAC Cloud Computing

The surge in AI computing has resulted in delays to the supply of AI-capable chips, as demand has outstripped supply. Global giants Microsoft, Google and AWS are ramping up custom silicon production to reduce dependence on the dominant suppliers of GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD. As a result, APAC enterprises may . . . Read more

Gartner’s 7 Predictions for the Future of Australian & Global Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will account for 70% of global enterprise workloads by 2028, up from about 25% now, according to Gartner, and issues like sustainability, AI computing and data sovereignty will play greater roles in how Australian enterprises use and procure cloud vendors. At the Gartner IT infrastructure, Operations & Cloud . . . Read more

Learnings from Australian Health Insurer Nib’s Epic 9-Year Cloud Migration to AWS

Australian health insurer nib’s cloud migration started in 2015. However, it wasn’t until nine years later, in 2024, that it was able to complete the migration of 100% of on-premise workloads, 95% to Amazon Web Services and the remaining 5% to other cloud platforms. nib Chief Information Officer Brendan Mills . . . Read more

Top IT Skills Trends in the UK for 2024

After a turbulent 2023 marked by job cuts by big tech firms, 2024 could see a more positive outlook for IT professionals in the U.K. Tech workers looking for new roles may find there is particular demand for artificial intelligence and cloud expertise, as well as a need for softer . . . Read more

How AWS Responded to the Generative AI Wave of 2023 (and What IT Pros Should Expect in 2024)

When 2023 began, Rada Stanic, chief technologist for AWS in Australia and New Zealand, imagined the year would be dominated by helping customers build more modern data platforms in the cloud, with a bit of artificial intelligence and machine learning thrown into the mix. That plan changed fast with the . . . Read more

Rimini Street is Challenging ERP Software Business Models in Australia

Image: Adobe/Hengki Image: Seth Ravin Rimini Street reported revenue for 2023’s third quarter at US $107.5 million (AU $163 million), up 5.4% on the same period last year. The result, according to CEO Seth Ravin, showed it is moving towards a goal of becoming a US $1 billion (AU $1.5 . . . Read more

Gartner: By 2028, 70% of Workloads Will Run in a Cloud Computing Environment

According to Gartner, the next wave of cloud computing will see even more complicated workloads migrated over, plus new options and requirements for cloud customers. While many enterprises still see the cloud as a useful way of providing additional capacity over the next few years, they’ll come to see it . . . Read more

Amazon Launches New Generative AI Training Courses for Free

The ‘AI Ready’ initiative offers online classes for developers and other technical professionals as well as for high school and university students. On Nov. 20, Amazon revealed the “AI Ready” commitment, a set of courses, a scholarship and a collaboration with Code.org to promote generative artificial intelligence skills. Amazon wants . . . Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s New $5 Billion Investment in Australia

Microsoft plans to more than double its cloud computing capacity in Australia over the next two years and expand its support for critical national cyber security and technology skills priorities. Fast-growing demand for cloud computing services across Australia has seen Microsoft announce the injection of AU $5 billion (US $3.2 . . . Read more

Google Cloud vs. AWS Comparison: Which Is Best in 2023?

Feature Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Containers Docker and Kubernetes Kubernetes Virtual machines Yes Yes Load balancing services Yes Yes Network service tiers No Yes Distributed object storage Yes Yes Geography-based routing Yes No Free tier Yes Yes Pushing workloads to the cloud is one way businesses enhance scalability, flexibility . . . Read more