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Gartner releases 4 trends that will impact cloud, data centers and infrastructure in 2023

Image: metamorworks/Adobe Stock Enterprise infrastructure and operations teams will have to cope with economic and geopolitical pressures as they pivot to support new technologies and ways of working, according to new Gartner research about four trends that will impact cloud, data center and edge infrastructure in 2023. Gartner VP Analyst . . . Read more

Cilium Mesh: A new way to extend Kubernetes benefits across on-premises and cloud networking

Image: Ar_TH/Adobe Stock Networking has long been the holdout in enterprise aspirations toward high-performance, multicloud or hybrid architectures. While such architectures were once aspirational marketing buzzwords, they are today’s enterprise reality. Now, with the launch of Cilium Mesh, enterprises get “a new universal networking layer to connect workloads and machines . . . Read more

Ubuntu Pro now available on Amazon Web Services

Image: IB Photography/Adobe Stock Canonical announced on Tuesday that Ubuntu Pro is available in a subscription-included model on Amazon Web Services. With Ubuntu Pro on AWS, users can launch Ubuntu Pro on-demand instances and purchase Ubuntu Pro compute savings plans directly from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud console. The new . . . Read more

Gartner: Public cloud end-user spending forecast to hit $597.3B

Businesses will likely spend money on using the cloud for artificial intelligence and other new ways to provide positive customer experiences. Image: ArtemisDiana/Adobe Stock An April forecast from Gartner expects public cloud service end user spending to grow 21.7% to total $597.3 billion in 2023, up from $491 billion in . . . Read more

Quantum computing gets hardware boost with spin glass breakthrough

Enterprises can take advantage of D-Wave’s newly published optimization improvement through a hardware-sharing cloud service. Image: Pixabay One of the challenges in quantum computing is overcoming 3D spin-glass optimization limitations, which can slow down quantum simulation meant to solve real-world optimization problems. An experimental solution is D-Wave’s Advantage quantum computer, . . . Read more

New ways to bring MongoDB data and apps to Azure Cosmos DB

Image: PhotoGranary/Adobe Stock Branded as Microsoft’s “planetary scale database,” Cosmos DB is one of Azure’s foundational services, powering its own applications as well as yours. Designed for distributed application development, Cosmos DB offers a range of consistency models and, more interestingly, a series of different personalities that allow you to . . . Read more

MFA Bypass Bugs Opened Microsoft 365 to Attack

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