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SYS01 stealer targets Facebook business accounts and browser credentials

The SYS01 infection chain uses DLL sideloading to steal information. Learn how to protect your business from this cybersecurity threat. Image: SomYuZu/Adobe Stock Morphisec, a security solution provider based in Israel, has reported that an advanced information stealer malware dubbed SYS01 is aimed at stealing access to Facebook business accounts . . . Read more

Chrome zero-day, hot on the heels of Microsoft’s IE zero-day. Patch now!

by Paul Ducklin Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday announcement was bad enough, with six in-the-wild vulnerabilities patched, including one buried in the vestiges of Internet Explorer’s MSHTML web rendering code… …and it’s been followed by Google’s latest Chrome security advisory, which includes a zero-day patch (CVE-2021-30551) to Chrome’s JavaScript engine amongst its . . . Read more

Another Chrome zero-day exploit – so get that update done!

by Paul Ducklin Almost exactly a month ago, or a couple of days under an average month given that February was the short one, we warned of a zero-day bug in Google’s Chromium browser code. Patch now, we said. And we’re saying it again, following Google’s otherwise cheery release of . . . Read more

Chrome zero-day browser bug found – patch now!

by Paul Ducklin Google, whose Project Zero bug-hunting team is often surprisingly vocal when describing and discussing software vulnerabilities, has taken a very quiet approach to a just-patched bug in its Chrome browser. In this case, the low-key announcement is understandable, because the patch fixes a hole that cybercrooks are . . . Read more