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How to Split Screen on macOS, iPadOS, Windows and Chrome OS Using Keyboard Shortcuts

A visual guide to the keys to press to quickly snap a window to one side — ordered from easiest to most difficult to perform. Lots of tech tasks benefit from side-by-side apps or browser windows. Selecting a system? Take notes in one app with technical specs displayed in another. . . . Read more

How to Use Hidden Browser Window Controls in ChromeOS

ChromeOS users, learn how to use these hidden browser window controls, and find out why you’ll want to use them. ChromeOS offers several ways to efficiently position windows, which means for many purposes you won’t need to manually move or resize browser windows or Android apps. The controls let you . . . Read more

Google’s ChromeOS aims for enterprise with security and compatibility

Adobe Stock by: Monticellllo During the Google I/O event last month, the global tech giant showed off new elements of ChromeOS, focused on security, ecosystem and user experience, as well as benefits of the Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework⁠. The framework lets organizations integrate vendors, including security providers, with Chrome browser . . . Read more