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Slack Rolls Out Generative AI Search and Summarization

Slack announced in September 2023 its intent to add generative AI features, and today the messaging application company rolled out its AI assistance. Slack’s new generative AI features are designed to increase workers’ productivity by consolidating messages and smart searches. For IT and cybersecurity professionals, Slack summaries can offer quick . . . Read more

Learn To Leverage AI Art With This $30 Bundle

Image: StackCommerce TL;DR: Learn how to create your own art and scale your business’s content output with The Complete Generative AI Art & Design Mastery Bundle, now just $29.99. From marketing campaigns to logos, generative AI has made it easier for businesses and creators to scale their creative output to . . . Read more

Google Gemini vs. ChatGPT: Is Gemini Better Than ChatGPT?

When OpenAI, significantly funded by Microsoft, launched public access to ChatGPT in November 2022, it entered into competition with Google, among others, for generative AI leadership. A little more than a year later, Google announced that Gemini, its most advanced AI system to date, would be rolled out starting in . . . Read more

Learn ChatGPT and Automation for Just $30

Image: StackCommerce The business world is busier and more demanding than ever, which is why many organizations lean into automation tools. While there are plenty of highly technical tools to help businesses streamline operations, more consumer-friendly options like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. If you haven’t learned how . . . Read more

Microsoft Opens Copilot for Microsoft 365 Up to Small and Medium Businesses

Microsoft’s generative AI assistant Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available for businesses interested in providing the product to fewer than 299 seats. The Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscription for business use lets employees use data from across their company’s Microsoft products to provide more data to the generative AI, . . . Read more

CES 2024: 5 Top Business Tech Trends

Although CES is consumer-focused, many of the tools and technologies at the large trade show in Las Vegas can help businesses. Here are our picks for the most noteworthy products and trends at CES 2024, including versatile laptops, a handheld generative AI assistant, elegant TVs and mixed reality for immersive . . . Read more

OpenAI’s GPT Store is Now Open for Chatbot Builders

OpenAI has been teasing its storefront for custom versions of ChatGPT for two months, and the doors are now open to the GPT Store. The store, which is accessible to ChatGPT subscribers, provides a gallery of GPTs that are purpose-tweaked generative AI chatbots for image generation, writing, education, programming and . . . Read more

ESET Threat Report: ChatGPT Name Abuses, Lumma Stealer Malware Increases, Android SpinOk SDK Spyware’s Prevalence

Risk mitigation tips are provided for each of these cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity company ESET released its H2 2023 threat report, and we’re highlighting three particularly interesting topics in it: the abuse of the ChatGPT name by cybercriminals, the rise of the Lumma Stealer malware and the Android SpinOk SDK spyware. . . . Read more

20 Most Popular TechRepublic Articles in 2023

Here’s a list of the 20 most popular articles published by TechRepublic in 2023. Read articles about ChatGPT, Google Bard, Windows 11 and more. This year, developments in generative AI dominated the tech world, and TechRepublic readers expressed a corresponding interest, specifically in content about AI art generators, ChatGPT and . . . Read more

Anthropic Builds Methods for Reducing Bias in Generative AI – But Doesn’t Recommend AI for High-Stakes Decisions

AI company Anthropic has released a paper detailing an evaluation method for how companies using large language models can decrease discrimination in the models’ output through prompt engineering. The paper could help developers and policymakers understand how discrimination and bias arise in answers generated by LLMs and how to reduce . . . Read more