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Learn how to deploy ChatGPT in your business with this $20 training

Grab the training on a special price drop, ending 4/3. Image: StackCommerce Over these past couple of months, ChatGPT has been all over the news. But this AI tool isn’t just a passing craze. Many businesses are already leveraging the technology to get ahead of the competition. The Complete ChatGPT . . . Read more

Google opens Bard AI wait list

The ChatGPT rival will draw from Google’s vast library of information – but isn’t ready for business yet. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Google has opened up a wait list for Bard, its generative AI chatbot, the tech giant announced on Tuesday. Bard appears to be a direct competitor of ChatGPT . . . Read more

Employees want more training on AI tools before using them for work

Many have tried out ChatGPT’s conversational AI for business but feel they need more information before making it part of their jobs. Image: Pixabay Artificial intelligence is held up as a way to automate time-consuming business processes, but 49% of employees say they’ll still need more training to be able . . . Read more

Humans are still better at creating phishing emails than AI — for now

AI-generated phishing emails, including ones created by ChatGPT, present a potential new threat for security professionals, says Hoxhunt. Image: Gstudio/Adobe Stock Amid all of the buzz around ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence apps, cybercriminals have already started using AI to generate phishing emails. For now, human cybercriminals are still more . . . Read more

OpenAI debuts GPT-4 after year of training on Azure supercomputer

The GPT-4 language model is now available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Developers can join an API waitlist.  Image: gguy/Adobe Stock For search engines and enterprise writing assistance, the top contender is OpenAI, which yesterday announced the latest model of its language model, GPT-4. GPT-4 is now available on ChatGPT Plus . . . Read more