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5 Best Change Management Software of 2023

Explore the best change management software to effectively track, plan, and implement organizational changes. Find the perfect solution for your business. Change management software can help your team with everything from learning new features to switching to a new platform to whether an organizational restructuring — if you select the . . . Read more

AI Will Deliver $115 Billion More to the Economy, But Are Tech Pros Ready?

Image: Kaikoro/Adobe Stock The adoption of AI has occurred at an almost unprecedented rate. Now, a report from the Technology Council of Australia and Microsoft suggests that generative AI alone could be worth $115 billion to the Australian economy by 2030. That is assuming that the rate of adoption continues . . . Read more

Azure Monitor’s Change Analysis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly

Azure Monitor’s Change Analysis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly. Image: PhotoGranary/Adobe Stock Change management is key to running a mature IT organization. If problems arise, it’s important to know what’s changed in your environment so you can quickly diagnose failures and troubleshoot issues. A fix might be as simple as . . . Read more