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How could the FBI recover BTC from Colonial’s ransomware payment?

by Paul Ducklin The cybersecurity buzz of the week is the intriguing – and highly unusual – aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Colonial runs the largest American supply pipeline for refined petroleum products, capable of shifting about 500 million litres of various fuels, including gasoline (petrol), jet fuel, . . . Read more

Holiday Puppy Swindle Has Consumers Howling

Those buying German Shepherd puppies for Bitcoin online are in for a ruff ride. Puppy photos are undeniably irresistible but beware; researchers have uncovered a scheme selling fake German Shepherd puppies for Bitcoin, leaving buyers crushed and without a tiny fuzzy friend to cuddle on Christmas morning. The scam was . . . Read more

RubyGems Packages Laced with Bitcoin-Stealing Malware

Two malicious software building blocks that could be baked into web applications prey on unsuspecting users. RubyGems, an open-source package repository and manager for the Ruby web programming language, has taken two of its software packages offline after they were found to be laced with malware. RubyGems provides a standard . . . Read more