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7 Ways to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Premium Costs

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for most employers in most states, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to reduce your compensation premium costs. In this guide, we start by explaining why workers’ compensation insurance matters and how it’s calculated. Then we dive into the seven main ways you can reduce . . . Read more

How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work?

As an employer, you’re likely required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. This type of business insurance helps pay for employees’ medical bills and healthcare expenses if they become ill or are injured in the course of working for you. But calculating workers’ compensation premiums can be confusing, . . . Read more

A Complete Guide to PEOs

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are third-party companies that provide outsourced payroll and human resources (HR) support. Business owners and executives might hire PEOs if they’re short on time or have too many employees to keep track of by themselves. Indeed, it’s a more accessible and cost-effective option than hiring in-house . . . Read more