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Sunburst’s C2 Secrets Reveal Second-Stage SolarWinds Victims

Examining the backdoor’s DNS communications led researchers to find a government agency and a big U.S. telco that were flagged for further exploitation in the spy campaign. More information has come to light about the Sunburst backdoor that could help defenders get a better handle on the scope of the . . . Read more

SideWinder APT Targets Nepal, Afghanistan in Wide-Ranging Spy Campaign

Convincing email-credentials phishing, emailed backdoors and mobile apps are all part of the groups latest effort against military and government targets. The SideWinder advanced persistent threat (APT) group has mounted a fresh phishing and malware initiative, using recent territory disputes between China, India, Nepal and Pakistan as lures. The goal . . . Read more

DeathStalker APT Spices Things Up with PowerPepper Malware

A raft of obfuscation techniques turn the heat up for the hacking-for-hire operation. The DeathStalker advanced persistent threat (APT) group has a hot new weapon: A highly stealthy backdoor that researchers have dubbed PowerPepper, used to spy on targeted systems. DeathStalker offers mercenary, espionage-for-hire services targeting the financial and legal . . . Read more

MacOS Users Targeted By OceanLotus Backdoor

The new backdoor comes with multiple payloads and new detection evasion tactics. A macOS backdoor variant has been uncovered that relies of multi-stage payloads and various updated anti-detection techniques. Researchers linked it to the OceanLotus advanced persistent threat (APT) group. The Vietnam-backed OceanLotus (also known as APT 32) has been . . . Read more