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IBM’s Think 2024 News That Should Help Skills & Productivity Issues in Australia

IBM uses its annual Think conference as a platform to highlight movements in its business and present innovation, and this year was no exception. During this year’s Think event, held May 20-23 in Boston, the tech giant announced several updates to its watsonx platform, promising to make artificial intelligence more . . . Read more

RSM Australia Is Using Automation, AI to Unlock Efficiencies Across a Multigenerational Workforce

Australian audit, tax and consulting firm RSM Australia is now over 100 years old. However, the firm is keeping its sights well and truly on the future with a move to implement automation and AI technologies in recent years to improve the experience of its employees and its customers. RSM . . . Read more

Budget, Robodebt Failures Making Australian Government Hesitant About Citizen-Facing AI

The Australian government sees the value of generative AI across local, state and federal governments. However, unseasonably long spending restrictions and concerns over automation disasters are slowing AI adoption, at least in terms of citizen-facing solutions. According to a Gartner survey of CIOs across APAC governments (with Australia sitting right . . . Read more

Why Australia’s Banking Sector Should Watch CBA’s ‘Experiments’ With AI Closely

In its first half of the FY24 report, Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced that, through “responsible scaling of AI,” it has already produced more than 50 generative AI use cases. The bank says that it will simplify operational processes and support new customer experiences. Beneath that dry language, it’s worth . . . Read more

4 Big Ideas From Boomi That Might Change Your Attitude to Integration

Australia’s headlong rush to embrace digital transformation has resulted in a significant problem with fragmentation in organizational systems and data, according to integration platform-as-a-service provider Boomi, and it wants to be the “enterprise glue” that brings it all together. CEO Steve Lucas told TechRepublic that digital fragmentation had impacted Australia . . . Read more

Automation Tech to Form Central Part of Effort in Australia to Operationalise AI in 2024

Automation use cases like intelligent document processing and communications mining could help organisations fast-track artificial intelligence operationalisation in 2024, according to a report from UiPath, as businesses seek to combine AI with automation to improve processes. Mark Fioretto, area vice president and managing director at UiPath Mark Fioretto, area vice . . . Read more

Red Hat: UK Leads Europe in IT Automation, But Key Challenges Persist

The U.K.’s position as a financial services hub puts it ahead in enterprise-wide IT automation, says Red Hat. But skills shortages remain an issue for all IT leaders surveyed. More than a quarter of U.K. businesses have automated IT processes across the organization, according to a new survey from Red . . . Read more

Deloitte: Many Organizations Don’t Know If They Have Ethical Standards for Using Generative AI

While many companies have been dipping their toes into generative AI pilots, 56% don’t know whether they have ethical standards in place guiding its use, according to a new report from Deloitte. Almost three-quarters (74%) said their companies have begun testing generative AI, while 65% are already using it inside . . . Read more

Forrester’s 2024 Tech Leadership Predictions About AI, HR, Budget and Manufacturing

Organizations are already reaping up to 40% improvement from AI software development initiatives, and productivity and problem-solving gains will increase by 50%, the firm said. Image: Яна Деменишина/Adobe Stock AI will deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the enterprise next year, with initiatives expected to boost productivity and creative problem-solving by . . . Read more

How to use Microsoft Lists with Power Automate

Some days, it seems like our entire workday is filled with manual tasks such as passing information back and forth between people or departments. It’s tedious work that’s open to problems like losing a request or not having all of the necessary information to quickly solve issues. If you’re using . . . Read more