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5 Best QuickBooks Self-Employed/Solopreneur Alternatives

Intuit QuickBooks is a household name, but its Solopreneur edition can be pricey and complicated. Fortunately, lots of alternatives exist. Wave Accounting is a great all-around winner. For niche needs, FreshBooks and others serve freelancers and smaller entities well. Let’s discover your best alternate options for QuickBooks Solopreneur. Is Solopreneur . . . Read more

AWS Custom Silicon Chips Range a Sign of What’s Coming to APAC Cloud Computing

The surge in AI computing has resulted in delays to the supply of AI-capable chips, as demand has outstripped supply. Global giants Microsoft, Google and AWS are ramping up custom silicon production to reduce dependence on the dominant suppliers of GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD. As a result, APAC enterprises may . . . Read more

IBM’s Think 2024 News That Should Help Skills & Productivity Issues in Australia

IBM uses its annual Think conference as a platform to highlight movements in its business and present innovation, and this year was no exception. During this year’s Think event, held May 20-23 in Boston, the tech giant announced several updates to its watsonx platform, promising to make artificial intelligence more . . . Read more

Proofpoint’s CISO 2024 Report: Top Challenges Include Human Error & Risk

In Proofpoint’s 2024 Voice of the CISO report, the cybersecurity company found that CISOs are dealing with people-centric threats more than ever. Plus, cybersecurity budgets often don’t change, and AI can help and hurt CISOs’ efforts. Regarding the specific threat risks, 41% of the CISOs mostly fear ransomware attacks, followed . . . Read more

Gartner’s 7 Predictions for the Future of Australian & Global Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will account for 70% of global enterprise workloads by 2028, up from about 25% now, according to Gartner, and issues like sustainability, AI computing and data sovereignty will play greater roles in how Australian enterprises use and procure cloud vendors. At the Gartner IT infrastructure, Operations & Cloud . . . Read more

Celoxis: Project Management Software Is Changing Due to Complexity and New Ways of Working

Project management systems have become cornerstone tools for organisations in APAC to navigate the fast pace of business changes. Whether it’s a cloud migration or a system implementation, IT teams in particular desperately need PM systems to get things done. APAC-headquartered Celoxis is one project portfolio management software firm that . . . Read more

Will Australia Ever Dig Itself Out of the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?

Australia continues to grapple with the ramifications of a massive cyber security skills shortage, underscored by another recent large-scale data breach. The big concern is whether the nation even has the resources to strengthen resilience. Recently, the electronic prescription company MediSecure fell victim to a major ransomware attack. Together with other . . . Read more

AI Seoul Summit: 4 Key Takeaways on AI Safety Standards and Regulations

The AI Seoul Summit, co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and the U.K., saw international bodies come together to discuss the global advancement of artificial intelligence. Participants included representatives from the governments of 20 countries, the European Commission and the United Nations as well as notable academic institutes and civil . . . Read more

CISOs in Australia Urged to Take a Closer Look at Data Breach Risks

Clayton Utz cyber partner Brenton Steenkamp has seen his fair share of cyber attacks. Returning to Australia in October after a seven-year stint in Amsterdam, he has brought home tales of dealing with multiple large ransomware attacks in Europe, as well as the data governance lessons they provided. Steenkamp said . . . Read more

Snowflake Arctic, a New AI LLM for Enterprise Tasks, is Coming to APAC

Data cloud provider Snowflake has launched an open source large language model, Arctic LLM, as part of a growing portfolio of AI offerings helping enterprises leverage their data. Typical use cases include data analysis, including sentiment analysis of reviews, chatbots for customer service or sales, and business intelligence queries, like . . . Read more