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LockBit Ransomware Gang’s Website Shut Down by FBI and International Law Enforcement

The U.K. National Crime Agency’s Cyber Division, the FBI and international partners have cut off ransomware threat actors’ access to LockBit’s website, which has been used as a large ransomware-as-a-service storefront. What is the LockBit ransomware group? According to CISA, LockBit was the most common type of ransomware deployed globally . . . Read more

Rippling Promises to Make Siloed Employee Data a Thing of the Past in Australia

Rippling is a workforce management software firm that aims to provide one place to run HR, finance and IT operations for workforces. The platform brings together employee data normally “scattered across a company,” like payroll, expenses, benefits and device management. Founded seven years ago in the U.S. by Parker Conrad, . . . Read more

Australian Payroll Society Says Limited Payroll Expertise Is to Blame for Employee Underpayments

Image: Adobe/TarikVision At the beginning of February 2024, Australia Post, Australia’s national postal service, was forced to apologise to 3,600 employees for payroll errors spanning a decade. The mistake, worth AUD $5.6 million (USD $3.6 million) in wages to be repaid to staff, was blamed on payroll system errors it . . . Read more

How the Australian Government Sees AI Accelerating Productivity

Australia has a problem with slowing productivity growth. As the group tasked with addressing this, the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission is looking at AI as a potential part of the problem. Recently, the Commission released a three-paper report, Making The Most Of The AI Opportunity: Productivity, Regulation And Data Access, . . . Read more

Infoblox says IT Pros Are Missing This Mega-Threat From Organised Global Cyber Criminals

High volumes of malware and other malicious content are being delivered to networks in APAC, Australia, New Zealand and across the globe as a result of a set of large-scale malicious cybercriminal partnerships led by the largely secret yet insidious threat actor, VexTrio. Renée Burton, head of threat intelligence at . . . Read more

Zetaris: Federated Data Lakes Could Make Sense of Enterprise Data ‘Mess’ to Power AI

Image: Zetaris Australian organisations have tried hard to bring data together in recent decades. They have moved from data marts, which contained information specific to business units, to data warehouses, data lakes and now lakehouses, which contain structured and unstructured data. However, the concept of the federated lakehouse could now . . . Read more

IBM’s Matthew Candy Sees Evidence of Innovation in Australia’s 2024 Pursuit of Generative AI Scale

Australian organisations are keeping pace with global innovation in generative AI, according to IBM Consulting Global Head of Generative AI Matthew Candy. A local legislative focus on regulating high-risk use cases could also foster AI’s potential in the local market, he said. Candy recently visited Australia and the broader APAC . . . Read more

Australian Organisations Need to Build Trust With Consumers Over Data & AI

Image: Adobe/Andrii Global data highlights a concerning trend, where Australian organisations are starting to fall behind in a “trust gap” between what customers expect them to do with data and privacy and what is actually happening. New data shows that 90% of people want to see organisations transform to properly . . . Read more

Australian IT Pros Need to Prepare for AI Regulation for the First Time With EU AI Act Imminent

The most recent (and likely final) version of the impending European Union’s AI Act was recently leaked. This is the world’s first comprehensive law designed to regulate the use and application of artificial intelligence, and history shows that, when the EU regulates something, the rest of the world tends to . . . Read more

Psychological Insight Could Help Australian IT Pros Grow Technical Skills Into Organisational Influence

Some Australian IT professionals with aspirations of moving into leadership roles are hitting a “technical ceiling” within their organisations, but there are ways they can also develop into strong people leaders, according to an innovative Australia-based leadership psychologist. Duncan Fish, head coach and founder at The Engaging Executive Duncan Fish, . . . Read more