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Facebook Shutters Accounts Used in APT32 Cyberattacks

Facebook shut down accounts and Pages used by two separate threat groups to spread malware and conduct phishing attacks. Facebook has shut down several accounts and Pages on its platform, which were used to launch phishing and malware attacks by two cybercriminal groups: APT32 in Vietnam and an unnamed threat . . . Read more

MacOS Users Targeted By OceanLotus Backdoor

The new backdoor comes with multiple payloads and new detection evasion tactics. A macOS backdoor variant has been uncovered that relies of multi-stage payloads and various updated anti-detection techniques. Researchers linked it to the OceanLotus advanced persistent threat (APT) group. The Vietnam-backed OceanLotus (also known as APT 32) has been . . . Read more

APT Attack Injects Malware into Windows Error Reporting

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