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Sekoia: Latest in the Financial Sector Cyber Threat Landscape

A new report from French-based cybersecurity company Sekoia describes evolutions in the financial sector threat landscape. The sector is the most impacted by phishing worldwide and is increasingly targeted by QR code phishing. The financial industry also suffers from attacks on the software supply chain and stands among the most . . . Read more

How to Use Hidden Browser Window Controls in ChromeOS

ChromeOS users, learn how to use these hidden browser window controls, and find out why you’ll want to use them. ChromeOS offers several ways to efficiently position windows, which means for many purposes you won’t need to manually move or resize browser windows or Android apps. The controls let you . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (November 2023): Could Kotlin Be Headed for Java’s Top Spot?

The programming language Kotlin made waves because of its strong type system and other modern features. In this month’s TIOBE Programming Community Index, the top three programming languages are Python, C and C++. Python dropped slightly in popularity, losing 3.02%, according to the index’s ranking system. There wasn’t much movement . . . Read more

New SecuriDropper Malware Bypasses Android 13 Restrictions, Disguised as Legitimate Applications

A new malware is bypassing an Android 13 security measure that restricts permissions to apps downloaded out of the legitimate Google Play Store. A new report from ThreatFabric, a fraud protection company, exposes SecuriDropper malware, which is capable of bypassing Android 13 restricted settings. The malware makes Android consider the . . . Read more

Get a Lifetime of Secure VPN Protection for Just $28.97 Until 10/31

Keep your most sensitive data safe and access your favorite content no matter where you are with a lifetime VPN subscription offered at an exclusive price drop. Image: StackCommerce There are few things more important to your business than keeping your most confidential data safe – both yours and your . . . Read more

Qualcomm Claims Snapdragon X Elite Platform for Windows PCs Will Rival Apple Chips

Generative AI workloads will be able to run on-chip in the Snapdragon X Elite. Qualcomm claims the Snapdragon X Elite exceeds Apple’s M2 Max chip’s power and energy use. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, a system-on-chip platform for Windows PCs announced at Snapdragon Summit in Maui on October 24, marks a . . . Read more

Made by Google: Pixel 8 Available October 12

Google announced the release date and prices of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones and the Pixel Watch 2 during its Made By Google keynote presentation today. Generative AI natural language capabilities for Assistant with Bard were also announced. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (September 2023): Java Competitor Kotlin Returns to the Top 20

Kotlin competes with Java to be a top programming language for mobile applications on Android. The top 3 stay steady. Image: monsitj/Adobe Stock This month, the programming language Kotlin reached the top 20 on the TIOBE Programming Community Index for the second time. Kotlin was created in 2016 by software . . . Read more

Zero-Day Security Vulnerability Found in Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers

Updates are now available to patch a Chrome vulnerability that would allow attackers to run malicious code. Image: ktsdesign/Adobe Stock It’s time to update Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Thunderbird, Microsoft Edge, the Brave browser or Tor Browser; web development news site StackDiary has reported a zero-day vulnerability in all . . . Read more