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Combatting Deepfakes in Australia: Content Credentials is the Start

There is growing consensus on how to address the challenge of deepfakes in media and businesses, generated through technologies such as AI. Earlier this year, Google announced that it was joining the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity as a steering committee member — other organisations in the C2PA include . . . Read more

Udemy Report: Which IT Skills Are Most in Demand in Q1 2024?

The tech industry courses people are taking online can tell a lot about which IT skills are in demand and what paths to careers look like today. Udemy is an online learning platform that collects data quarterly about which courses on its platform are most in demand. We’ve dialed in . . . Read more

Anthropic Releases Claude Team Enterprise AI Plan and iOS App

Anthropic unveiled Claude Team, its enterprise plan for the Claude AI, on May 1. Claude Team comes at an interesting time as companies jostle to find money-generating uses for generative AI. With Claude Team, Anthropic packages up generative AI that could be used for iterating on projects, analyzing documents or . . . Read more

Llama 3 Cheat Sheet: A Complete Guide for 2024

OpenAI may be the more well-known name when it comes to commercial generative AI, but Meta has successfully clawed out a place through open sourcing powerful large language models. Meta revealed its largest generative AI model yet, Llama 3, on April 18, which outperforms GPT04 on some standard AI benchmark . . . Read more

Amazon, AT&T, Verizon Named Best Tech Companies for Career Growth in 2024, LinkedIn Reports

Amazon leads LinkedIn’s list of the 2024 top companies in technology and information to grow your career in the U.S. This ranking is based on unique LinkedIn data that evaluates companies on eight elements of career progression, the site said. The elements are: ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, . . . Read more

Breakthrough in Quantum Cloud Computing Ensures its Security and Privacy

Businesses are one step closer to quantum cloud computing, thanks to a breakthrough made in its security and privacy by scientists at Oxford University. The researchers used an approach dubbed ‘blind quantum computing’ to connect two quantum computing entities (Figure A); this simulates the situation where an employee at home . . . Read more

Learnings from Australian Health Insurer Nib’s Epic 9-Year Cloud Migration to AWS

Australian health insurer nib’s cloud migration started in 2015. However, it wasn’t until nine years later, in 2024, that it was able to complete the migration of 100% of on-premise workloads, 95% to Amazon Web Services and the remaining 5% to other cloud platforms. nib Chief Information Officer Brendan Mills . . . Read more

The 10 Best AI Courses in 2024

Since ChatGPT proved a consumer hit, a gold rush has set off for AI in Silicon Valley. Investors are intrigued by companies promising generative AI will transform the world, and companies seek workers with the skills to bring them into the future. The frenzy may be cooling down in 2024, . . . Read more

European Commission Examines Alphabet, Apple and Meta’s Walled Gardens Under the DMA

The European Commission announced on March 25 open investigations into Alphabet, Apple and Meta for alleged gatekeeping (i.e., promoting their own services above competitors’) on apps and in browsers. The investigation is the first major action taken under Europe’s Digital Markets Act since the DMA’s “gatekeeper” rules went into force . . . Read more

Amazon Spring Sale 2024: 7 Remote Work Deals

Amazon is welcoming spring with a new sales event. The Big Spring Sales runs from March 20 to 25, with a variety of discounts across the marketplace. We’ve focused on the most useful and most deeply discounted tech for professionals working remotely. The deals span laptops, headphones, ergonomic chairs and . . . Read more