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AWS Summit New York 2024: Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock Gains Claude 3 Haiku and Contextual Grounding

Amazon was one of the tech giants that agreed to a set of White House recommendations regarding the use of generative AI last year. The privacy considerations addressed in those recommendations continue to roll out, with the latest included in the announcements at the AWS Summit in New York on . . . Read more

Llama 3 Cheat Sheet: A Complete Guide for 2024

OpenAI may be the more well-known name when it comes to commercial generative AI, but Meta has successfully clawed out a place through open sourcing powerful large language models. Meta revealed its largest generative AI model yet, Llama 3, on April 18, which outperforms GPT04 on some standard AI benchmark . . . Read more

AWS Launches New Chips for AI Training and Its Own AI Chatbot

Amazon Web Services announced an AI chatbot for enterprise use, new generations of its AI training chips, expanded partnerships and more during AWS re:Invent, held from November 27 to December 1, in Las Vegas. The focus of AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote held on day two of the conference was . . . Read more

Amazon Launches New Generative AI Training Courses for Free

The ‘AI Ready’ initiative offers online classes for developers and other technical professionals as well as for high school and university students. On Nov. 20, Amazon revealed the “AI Ready” commitment, a set of courses, a scholarship and a collaboration with Code.org to promote generative artificial intelligence skills. Amazon wants . . . Read more

AWS Summit New York 2023: Keynote Highlights

Discover new generative AI and machine learning products and services from AWS at AWS Summit New York 2023. Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Databases, Analytics, and ML at AWS, presents in New York City on Wednesday, July 26. At the AWS Summit in New York City on Wednesday, July 26, the . . . Read more