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S3 Ep33: Eufy camera leak, Afterburner crisis, and AirTags (again) [Podcast]

by Paul Ducklin We look into an unnerving case of mixed-up video feeds. We warn you against “going rogue” when you can’t get the download you want from the regular place. We explain how Apple’s new AirTag product got hacked (again). With Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin. Intro and outro . . . Read more

Apple AirTags hacked again – free internet with no mobile data plan!

by Paul Ducklin Earlier this week we wrote about a jailbreak hack against Apple’s newly introduced AirTag product. In that story, the researcher @ghidraninja was able to modify the firmware on the AirTag itself, despite the anti-tampering protection implemented by Apple’s own AirTag firmware programming. But this “attack” (if that . . . Read more