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EqualAI Releases 11 Principles for Responsible AI Governance

Stakeholders from underrepresented groups should be involved in the integration of AI into business processes or functions. The nonprofit organization EqualAI has made public its report on best practices for putting 11 responsible, ethical principles around artificial intelligence in place. EqualAI defines responsible AI as “safe, inclusive and effective for . . . Read more

Head of AI and Similar Leadership Roles are Here to Stay, says Deloitte AI Ethicist

Beena Ammanath. Image: Deloitte Head of AI is a trendy new job title, but do businesses actually need someone in this role? What responsibilities does it entail? We asked Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute, leader of Trustworthy Tech Ethics at Deloitte and author of the book . . . Read more

The Debate Around AI Ethics in Australia is Falling Far Behind

Image: Shuo/Adobe Stock AI tools are undeniably useful, and that’s why AI development and use is accelerating exponentially. AI is now used for everything from research to writing legal arguments, from image generation and storytelling for artists through to supporting coders. However, as useful as these tools are, AI presents . . . Read more