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Healthcare 2021: Cyberattacks to Center on COVID-19 Spying, Patient Data

The post-COVID-19 surge in the criticality level of medical infrastructure, coupled with across-the-board digitalization, will be big drivers for medical-sector cyberattacks next year. Sophisticated cybercriminals have been trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research – and researchers say there’s more of that to come going into 2021. Intellectual property theft will . . . Read more

Pandemic, A Driving Force in 2021 Financial Crime

Ransomware gangs with zero-days and more players overall will characterize financially motivated cyberattacks next year. Financial cybercrime in 2021 is set to evolve, researchers say, with extortion practices becoming more widespread, ransomware gangs consolidating and advanced exploits being used more effectively to target victims. That’s according to key predictions from . . . Read more

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021: Robot Overlords No, Connected Car Hacks Yes

While 2021 will present evolving threats and new challenges, it will also offer new tools and technologies that will we hope shift the balance towards the defense. Predicting the future is always an iffy proposition.  There’s the Nostradamus route, making predictions so cryptic and vague they could mean just about . . . Read more